Trump expects up to 65,000 corona deaths in the U.S.

U.S. President Donald Trump expects the number of deaths in his country from the coronavirus to be between 60,000 to 65,000. Previous predictions estimated at least 100,000 deaths. Every death is one too many; Trump emphasized during a White House news conference.

“I think we will hopefully stay well below 100,000,” Trump said. “At this point, we are probably going towards 60,000, maybe 65,000,” said the president.

The number of registered corona patients in the U.S. currently exceeds 700,000. The number of infected people who died of the lung virus is approaching 37,000, including more than 17,000 New Yorkers.

Sufficient test capacity

Anthony Fauci, the American virologist, argues that there is sufficient testing capacity to move to a gradual reopening of the American states. His statements are a reaction to criticism from some states. They say there is insufficient testing capacity to ease the lockdown. Vice President Mike Pence also referred to the statements of Fauci and other experts.

The Governor of Texas announced Friday that next Friday, non-essential stores will open for deliveries and pick-ups. In Minnesota, the golf courses will reopen on Saturday, and other outdoor activities are also possible. And in Vermont, there will be a relaxation of construction rules.

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