Trump about UFOs over Kansas City: “we’ll keep an eye on it”

“We’ll keep an eye on it,” replies president Trump to questions from ABC News about the increase in UFO sightings by naval aviators. Since 2017, the Pentagon has had a program to investigate the reports. Yesterday, two mysterious orbs of light above Missouri caused speculation, but the president clearly doesn’t believe in it.

The American meteorological service was full of teeth with regard to the objects. While some UFO sightings can be traced back to weather balloons used by the service, this time the weather forecasters were also completely in the dark. “We honestly have no explanation for the floating objects above Kansas City,” National Weather Service in a response. But others had ideas about how and what of the spheres.

On Thursday night, several people saw two oblong white shapes above Kansas City Airport. The somewhat hazy objects were practically immobile in the air and photos of them quickly found their way to the internet. Local TV station KMBC posted some of the footage on Twitter. “Our editors received several reports today from the two orbs over Kansas City,” it sounded. “This photo was taken near KCI airport.”

Joe Lauria, the meteorologist for news channel WDAF, suggested that the bulbs could possibly be part of Google’s Loon Project. For this project, large balloons equipped with transmitters are released, which make it possible to connect to the internet in remote areas. However, an internet giant meteorologist involved in the project quickly refuted that assumption. ‘Google had nothing to do with it’.

Test flight of DARPA

KMBC later reported that the objects may have been part of a test flight from DARPA, a defense institute that is involved in the development of military technology. DARPA is said to have released three balloons on Monday evening in Cumberland, Maryland, as part of a lighter-than-air vehicle investigation. High in the sky, the wind should carry the balloons over great distances.

“Do I believe in it? Not really”

Normally UFO sightings are feeds for science fiction films and television series, but since the Pentagon has dealt seriously with reports by naval pilots, the debate has increased. Three American senators have recently been secretly briefed by the Pentagon about the pilots’ meetings, reports The Guardian. Among them Mark Warner, vice-president of the Senate intelligence committee.

Earlier this year, after a sharp increase in UFO sightings, the US Navy amended the rules for handling and documenting “unauthorized and/or unidentified aircraft.” “If naval pilots encounter inexplicable disruptions during their flight, then that is a safety issue that we have to investigate to the bottom,” said a spokesperson for Senator Warner.

Trump about UFOs over Kansas City: "we'll keep an eye on it"

When asked what he thinks, president Trump said to ABC, “I want them to think what they think.” They tell me about it and I’ve read about it and I’ve heard about it. I’ve been brief, but people say they’ve seen UFOs. Do I believe in it? Not really.”

On the question of whether he would be personally informed if extraterrestrial life was found, Trump is short. ‘We’ll keep an eye on it, and you’ll be the first to know.’

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