Trump: Kurds didn’t help the US during World War II

The American president Donald Trump made a remarkable statement at a press conference. Trump argues the withdrawal of US troops from Syria by saying that the Kurds also did not help in the invasion of Normandy during the Second World War.

Donald Trump decided to take away American soldiers who assist Kurdish troops in northern Syria. He announced that decision after a telephone call with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. For example, he gave Turkey a free hand to attack the Kurds in that area.

During a press conference, Trump defended his decision with a remarkable statement. “The Kurds did not help us with the invasion of Normandy during the Second World War,” said the president. “I read this in a very powerful article,” it sounded. Trump was referring to a column by the conservative opinion writer Kurt Schlichter, according to The Guardian.


The Turkish government wants to secure its border to prevent ‘the creation of an access road for terrorists’. The region is home to millions of refugees. When asked what Erdogan should do according to the US, Trump replies: “We will have to determine that gradually. Erdogan wants to send them back to where they come from. Send them back to Syria. At the moment he is taking care of millions of people. They would be everywhere if he didn’t catch them.”

“We will see how he does it. He can do it in a humane way and he can do it in an inhuman way. But if he doesn’t do it humanely, it will have serious economic consequences,” warned the American president.


Trump’s decision has been heavily criticized for abandoning the Kurdish militias. Both parties have largely driven out the terrorist movement Islamic State (IS) in Syria, but the Kurds are now threatening to stand alone. Trump doesn’t think he is abandoning the Kurds. According to the president, the US has “spent a lot of money to help them”.

Last weekend Trump argued his decision differently. Then the president said that he would immediately take the soldiers away because the US had nothing left to look for. He called the Turkish operations against the Kurds in Syria “a bad idea” and stressed that the United States did not support it. He also warned Erdogan of severe economic sanctions if he went too far in Syria.

The Guardian
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