Trump points out the ‘biggest mistake’ in US history

The US President called sending troops to the Middle East, “the biggest mistake in the history” of the United States, during an interview at the Axios site. He also assured that his country was doing better than the whole world in terms of Covid-19 casualties.

In an interview on the Axios news site and broadcast on Monday 3 August on the American channel HBO, Donald Trump spoke about the Black Lives Matter movement, the November election, the coronavirus crisis, and the country’s foreign policy. Regarding the latter, he gave his opinion on the presence of American troops in the Middle East.

“We eliminated Daech*… 100% of this Caliphate… We eliminated Soleimani, Al-Baghdadi… I’ve done a lot of things that other Presidents haven’t done. They should never have come to the Middle East,” he said.

“The decision to go to the Middle East and interfere in its affairs was the biggest mistake in the history of our country” he said.

“You have no right”

During the same interview, he discussed at length with the political journalist Jonathan Swan about the figures linked to the deaths of Covid-19. The President said that his country was doing better than the whole world, but his interlocutor retorted that, on the contrary, the United States was in a very bad position in terms of deaths relative to the total population, “much worse than South Korea and Germany”.

“You don’t have the right to do that,” Mr. Trump replied, insisting that they should be compared to the number of cases in the territory. He was then skeptical about the figures reported by South Korea: 300 deaths for 51 million inhabitants. “You don’t know,” he said, addressing the journalist.

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