Trump ruined the magic for a boy waiting for Santa: “you still believe in Santa?”

Father Christmas continued his journey around the world last night and was closely followed by the American army. As the tradition wants, the military organization NORAD monitors the route of Santa Claus on 24 December. President Trump, however, caused a false note.

NORAD, the military organization that watches over the skies in the US and Canada, observed the first signs of “activity at the North Pole” at 12.01 hrs. Since then, the trail of Santa Claus and his follow-up can be seen on a separate website from NORAD and on the Twitter account @NoradSanta.

Santa Claus, who is officially resident in Finnish Rovaniemi, travels around the world according to NORAD at a speed that is higher than that of an F-15 fighter plane.

This morning around 01:00 GMT Santa was on his way to Greenland. He had already delivered over 4.5 billion gifts at that time. According to NORAD, it is technically possible to follow Santa Claus via “infrared receptors in Rudolf’s nose”, one of the nine reindeer pulling his sleigh.


Monitoring the route of Santa Claus began as a joke in 1955. It was advertising from the department store chain Sears, who called in a local newspaper from Colorado to phone to Santa. But what the direct line to Santa had to be, turned out – in full Cold War – the red line of NORAD.

When the officer, Colonel Harry Shoup, got a boy on the phone that day asking him if he was Santa, he played the game. He ordered his men to give information about the position of Santa Claus and even called the local radio to report that he had seen a strange object in the air.

False note

About 1,500 volunteers assist the military to answer the calls and letters from children. The president of the US and the first lady are also involved, political crisis or not.

Yet Trump was caught on a false note by breaking the magic for a boy who looked forward to the arrival of Santa Claus: when the president got the seven-year-old Coleman on the phone, he asked the child if he still believed in ‘Santa’ and he told him by the nose that Santa might be a fiction. “Do you still believe in Santa? Because at seven that’s a bit of a shit, is not it?”, It sounded. He then laughed with the answer on the other side of the line, which was not audible.

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