Two Kenyans shot dead by an American

In the United States, Beverly Jenne, an 85-year-old woman, is accused of having shot dead her roommates, two sisters of Kenyan origin, on 19 December. The sisters had bought Beverly Jenne’s house after the American courts seized it for non-payment.

Angela and Janet Oyuga are the two Kenyan sisters who bought the house and then decided to take in Beverly Jenne, the former tenant of their home, while she finds a new place to live. However, Beverly is not going to give good faith to this property, which will soon bring misfortune to its authors.

Beverly Jenne would have shot both sisters. A note found in the holster of the gun used to commit the crime mentioned that Janet Oyenga was a horrible person and that she was partly responsible for the crime.

After this scene, Beverly Jenne was then tempted to commit suicide by strangling herself on her bed with an electric cord when law enforcement arrived on the scene. They also discovered Angela, who was seriously injured and was able to contact the police, and the inert body of Janet Oyenga, who was dead.

Beverly, who is being taken care of in a nearby hospital, is scheduled to appear in court on January 6 to answer for her actions.

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