Two ladies die in accident after minutes of partying in a club [Video]

After death comes judgement, a Christian fellow fondly says. At this festive season, bizarre things always happening, but we should be careful on how we carry out our daily activities. Things we believe that would increase our life span on earth. And drive pleasure can also add sorrows. Another painful side of death is people left to mourn the victims.

Two young girls died by fatal accident after mesmerizing their selves in a lively club. According to a source, the two women were seen partying in the club and later had accident on their way back home. What a pitiful death! The circumstances that led to the accident are not yet known.

The Facebook use, that shared the information added that: “Life without Jesus Christ is dangerous… Death can come at any time but question is, how do we prepare? These two ladies were seen together a moment ago alive and after few minutes, they were history….”

Watch the video below:

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