United Nations fight against fake news about coronavirus

The United Nations will fight the growing fake news and other misinformation about the coronary pandemic. According to the UN, there is a second pandemic, a dangerous “disinfodemic”. The antidote? Flooding the internet with facts and science.

UN boss Guterres calls the often deliberately incorrect information about the coronavirus a pest and a poison that endangers even more lives. He talks about a mountain of misleading stories and messages on social media.

“I’m announcing a new Communications Response initiative to spread facts & science, countering the scourge of misinformation – a poison putting more lives at risk.”

Harmful health advice and quackery are increasing rapidly, the UN leader said. “False things fill the ether. Wild conspiracy theories infect the internet. Hate goes viral, stigmatizing, and slandering people and groups. ”

Guterres calls on social media to do more to eradicate hatred and harmful claims about the corona disease Covid-19.

People all over the world are scared. They want to know what to do and where to go for advice. This is a time for science and solidarity. With common sense and facts, we can beat Covid-19, he concluded.

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