Up to 50 vacation days: jobs with time off like teachers

We probably don’t have to tell you that teachers have a relatively large amount of vacation. But not everyone is made for education.

Fortunately, there are more options for those who aspire to a job with a good balance between work and private life. Afrinik provides an overview.

Security personnel

According to several Statistics Office, security personnel has the largest number of conventional leave days at 28 days per year. That is 8 more than the legal minimum. An additional 10 public holidays are added, and those who have a 40-hour week can also count on 12 ADV days (days of reduction in working hours) per year. As a security guard, firefighter or warden, you often get 50 days off, plus recuperation due to possible night work or overtime.

Nursing executives and midwives

Nurses and midwives do not have obvious working hours. After all, someone has to be available 24/7 to provide care, so there is a good chance that you will have to work in shifts. However, such a rotation schedule involves relatively many days off, intended to let your biorhythm get used to the varying hours.

In addition, midwives and nursing staff receive 27 conventional leave days per year. Nurses who are not part of executive staff and assistant midwives have to make do with 24 days off, not counting legal holidays and ‘recup’.

Telecommunications Technicians

As a technician, you can go in all directions in the labor market. Almost all companies need technical talent. If you choose to specialize in telecommunications, radio, or television, you will be one step ahead of colleagues in other sectors with 26 days of leave per year. For example, technicians engaged in the management and control of industrial processes, life sciences or medical equipment have 22 days off.

Machine Operators

Are you considering a job in the industrial sector? Then know that the number of vacation days also varies from sector to sector. As an operator of mining installations and installations for the processing of minerals, you are best off with 25 days off. As an operator of wood production machines, you get 24 days off, in chemistry 22, and if you control machines for the processing of textiles, metal, or food 21.

On to unlimited leave?

A striking trend in the labor market is that more and more organizations are making themselves attractive as employers by granting their employees an unlimited number of leave days. The practice has been around for some time at American top players such as Netflix, but marketing agency Marbles, translation agency Jonckers, and social secretariat Besox have already jumped on the bandwagon.

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