US celebrities go naked in election spot

Actors Mark Ruffalo (52) and Chris Rock (55), model Naomi Campbell (50), and a number of other celebrities have shot a bare spot to remind American citizens of the rules surrounding voting in the upcoming presidential election. They warn, among other things, of the danger that a vote can be declared invalid in some cases. One then speaks of a ‘naked ballot’.

In the video, which also includes comedians Amy Schumer (39) and Sarah Silverman (49), the celebrities urge viewers to read the papers carefully before submitting their ballot paper.

For example, in some states, it is mandatory to use two envelopes and put one in the other. If this does not happen, the ticket can be considered a ‘naked ballot’. In some states, it is also mandatory to fill in the note with a black pen.

In addition, the stars ask voters who intend to make their choice clear by post to send in their ticket as soon as possible.

The commercial is an initiative of RepresentUS, an independent American organization that deals with voting rights and tries, and other things, to make the voting process more transparent.

The US presidential election, in which Joe Biden takes on Donald Trump, will take place on November 3.

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