US launches airstrike on Taliban in Afghanistan for the first time in months

US forces in Afghanistan launched an airstrike on the Taliban for the first time since February. Last night’s attack served to protect Afghan government forces, an army spokesman reported. Five Taliban fighters would have been killed.

The attack would not violate the agreements made by the US government and the Taliban at the end of February, the Americans said. The two sides then agreed to leave each other alone as much as possible and to work on the release of prisoners, a truce, and peace negotiations in Afghanistan. Washington aims to bring the remaining troops home with the deal with the Taliban.

President Trump’s policy aims to diminish the US’s role in foreign conflicts and, as far as possible, end costly foreign military intervention and spend less money on NATO.

The battle with the Taliban began with the US invasion of that country in 2001 and is now the longest war the United States has ever waged.

Since the agreements in February, the Taliban have spared the foreign military in the country, and the Americans have hardly launched any attacks on the Taliban. Earlier this month, however, the Taliban charged that US forces had done so in Helmand province.

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