Watch how loose car tire rings the doorbell at home

It seems too bizarre for words, but in the United States, it really happened: a car tire that had broken loose from a car for unclear reasons, flew into a house at 100 km/h and hit the doorbell exactly.

It often happens that cars lose parts, but seldom is this accompanied by so much spectacle as in Pataskala, Ohio. Not only does the car wheel come rolling in from nowhere, it also hit a house with full force.

Where the wheel came from was not disclosed, but given the speed that the rolling projectile develops, something went wrong. A huge crash perhaps between a few cars at an intersection? Or a collision against a tree? The video raises more questions than it answers.

The footage shows the wheel crashing into the house at high speed, knocking out one of the pillars supporting the awning above the front door and then “ringing the bell”. Then the wheel falls on the lawn, and the plume of smoke slowly disappears. No injuries were reported, so chances are that only property damage was done.

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