What to Know about Chief Imo comedy

What do we know about Chief Imo comedy? Or everything you would like to know about this fantastic comedian from Nigeria. His name is Longinus Anyaehiechukwu Anokwute – Chief Imo, a famous comedian and a Nollywood actor.

The actor was born in Umuduru, Ekwe, Isu Local Government Area Imo State, in a hospital called “Nnaji Hospital & Maternity”. Chief Imo happens to be the last child of his parents, in a family of six children – four boys and two girls. The famous Nigerian comedian was raised to empty handily by his lovely mother and late elder sister. According to him, there was no uncle to run for help, as things weren’t easy for them.


He started his primary school at Ekwe Central school; after that, he went to the Northern part of Nigeria to finish up at Army School Gombe. He came back to the village and had his secondary education at Ekwe Secondary school. Their uniform was red.

Chief Imo did part of his Junior Secondary School in the eastern part of Nigeria but due to financial difficulties, though Chief Imo was finding it also challenging to understand the Igbo language. He later went back to Gombe for part of his Secondary school education at JSS 2,3 – Gantu Secondary School. His SS 1-3 was completed at All Saints Secondary School Gombe. That was when the Nigerian comedian lost his eldest sister, whom he was living with, and had to return home to begin his secondary education at Ekwe Secondary school. Then, he went back to repeat class because he couldn’t speak the Igbo language; it was all about Hausa.

That was when Chief Imo started his career with a drama group. Instead of calling a pastor to preach, they would act and dramatize the message of the day, and their teachers would appreciate at the end of each performance.

His talent

According to Longinus Anokwute, popularly known as Chief Imo, there is a song, he sings anywhere – “Chukwu si na-afo gozie m” (God blessed me right from the womb). He continued, “it all started from my childhood when I notice the talent is inborn.” He was blessed from his “mother’s womb,” but many people never took him “seriously in life” because of his playful nature.

What to Know about Chief Imo comedy
©AriseAfrika – Longinus Anyaehiechukwu Anokwute, Chief Imo

He explained that people discouraged him much. “So, many people say several discouraging things to me but I never looked back.” Their action did not hinder his ambition or jeopardized his success because he has “a goal,” which he much actualize. He discovered his talent for a long time. Yet, despite all their discouragement, he stood with God and believed that with Him, all things would be made possible. “It didn’t start today my Dear,” the comedian sounds

As A Comedian

According to chief Imo, he has been into Nollywood and entertainment industry way back the year 2000. He explained that he works “hard ever since then”. The actor has done many movies, comedy, stage shows, music and among other things. Then, chief Imo performs exceedingly gorgeous; he usually makes his co-actors laugh out their sorrows, and they all pleased with my performance wish goes with me often.

In the year 2017, Chief Imo did a story and produced a film that went viral. That’s how his account changed totally. He further explained to listen and learn the Igbo language and used his local dialect in the movie.

What to Know about Chief Imo comedy

“After production, I will go to marketers to help sell my Product, which they will all insult me in all manner. The film stayed with me for a year or more. When it was God’s time, someone called me immediately that film was aired at African Magic. My story changed. I started receiving calls. The movie became a hit.”

“It’s all about God’s grace. When it is rough, you may not know that God is using the situation to prepare a better place for you.”


Yes, chief Imo is married with beautiful children. When he was asked the place, he finds comfort most? He said; I find the best relaxation in my home because “I have a pretty wife who understands me and the nature of my job. Anywhere I am in the world when it’s time to go home, I am happy. When I see my children, they jump on my back and play with me. I find comfort in the bosom of my family, not outside.

That’s all you need to know about Chief Imo comedy – age, net worth, & family as we keep a green light to get more information about this fantastic Nigerian comedian.

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