Why African women are so eager to get married

Most of the African tribes practiced and believed in the early marriage of girls. Nowadays, African women are eager to get married, not because of getting old or parents’ pressure.

Marriage is a sacred bond, marking the union between two souls, two hearts, two bodies, two lives. To perpetuate itself, an association should base on love: we choose to share our lives with another person because we love them and cannot see their lives without them.

Unfortunately, African women are getting married more and more for reasons that have nothing to do with love.

All her girlfriends are getting married

Some women take marriage to be a trend that must follow, to get married just because everyone else around her is getting married. Forgetting that marriage is a personal choice that should only be motivated by feelings.

To wear a long white dress

Others want to wear the dress they’ve always dreamed of, becomes queen of the day, and flaunt the prettiest smiles in front of friends and their enemies. The wedding is undoubtedly beautiful, but not as much as the dress and the other days will not always be happy.

To be free from want

For them, the husband is just a wallet who will satisfy their slightest desires, thus protecting them from want. Money is fine, but it’s not enough, my sister. Finally, those who get married appear on the internet and create a buzz through a status. They forget that the virtual world has nothing to do with the real world.

Family background

Some African girls rush into marriage not because they were old or pressured by their loved ones to get married, but they have seen or think that the man’s family is wealthy. Once she noticed the man’s family background is rich, they will be eager to settle down regardless of any other things that needed to be considered.


Some women believed that the easiest way to escape from stress is getting married. In some African tribes, their culture made it mandatory that the husband provides the family’s needs, but some African countries’ present economy speaks otherwise. Some women are eager to marry with such belief since culture made it that husband provided their needs.

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