Why did Angelina Jolie give her beloved husband a place in the cemetery?

The American actress and UN Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie is famous for her ability to start office romances. She easily charms her colleagues, does not pay attention to gossip, and always achieves her goal not only in her profession but also in her personal life.

The stormy novels of Angelina Jolie have repeatedly become the subject of discussion, and sometimes condemnation by fans of the actress. But with her exotic gift, she was able to surprise not only journalists and the public but also Billy Bob Thornton himself, with whom she had an affair in the early 2000s.

Age is not a hindrance to happiness

Like all fateful meetings in the life of an actress, this one also took place on the set. In the movie Flying, Angelina Jolie played the wife of Russell Bell, played by Billy Bob Thornton. Not a spark broke out between the actors, but immediately a fire. The romance was stormy and passionate, and outsiders did not interfere with the lovers; Jolie and Thornton did not seem to notice anyone and nothing around. As soon as the working day ended, nothing could stop the actors from enjoying each other’s company.

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They were not embarrassed by either the 20-year age difference or the not-so-successful experience of family life behind both of them. Jolie had by then separated from her first husband, Jonny Lee Miller, and Thornton had already had four divorces and three children. But, most importantly, at the time of the beginning of the relationship with Angelina, he was engaged to Laura Dern. However, the passion for the screen wife was much stronger than the obligations. The actor did not even condescend to an explanation with the once-beloved girl, he simply packed his things and left while she was away from home.

Less than a year after the first meeting, the lovers have already become husband and wife. Even the priest noticed that the newlyweds did not even care about their own wedding dresses. They just wanted to give each other vows of fidelity as soon as possible and sincerely believed at that moment that they would live together happily ever after, and even death could not separate them.

Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton
Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton

After the wedding, the newlyweds bought a beautiful house in Beverly Hills, where they began to twist their family nests. They were sure that their feelings would be eternal. The actors, even in public, did not open their hands, looked at each other with undisguised tenderness, and on the body of each, there were tattoos with each other’s names.

In general, everything spoke of endless love and the desire to be together always and no matter what. And on the first anniversary of a marriage, Angelina Jolie gave her husband… a place in the cemetery.

Meaningful gift

It seems that nothing could be darker and more offensive than such a gift. It is hard to imagine what a person experiences when they hint at the frailty of life and the finiteness of his earthly path. Of course, Billy Bob Thornton was surprised, but also delighted. He fully appreciated the efforts of his wife and her attentiveness to what he told about himself. She memorized every detail.

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In addition, Angelina made such a gift that it is simply impossible to forget. The last thing she wanted was for her gift to be banal. In order to bring her husband to complete amazement, she thought for a long time and, finally, chose a site in a cemetery in Arkansas, while she bought herself a place nearby to stay with her loved one in eternity.

Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton
Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton

Before purchasing such an unusual gift, the actress contacted her husband’s mother and found out where all the members of his family were buried, and then she bought places there. She was aware that her actions could be called strange and even frightening from the outside. But for the actress herself and her husband, it was significant, important, and unbanal.

At least Thornton didn’t even think of the dark allusions. Of course, he was surprised, but it was a joyful surprise. By the way, in response to his wife’s gift, he went to the notary and will soon return with a completed and certified document, in which his promise to be with Angelina was always recorded in black and white.

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Their marriage broke up three years later. Both had to remove tattoos with each other’s names, but what happened to the acquired plots in the cemetery is unknown. At the same time, the former spouses maintained good relations, and Thornton, even two decades after the divorce, calls his ex-wife a “great woman.” When asked about the reason for the divorce, the actor admits that he always considered himself not good enough for Jolie.

There were many men in the life of a Hollywood beauty, but only one was with her all her life. This is the older brother of actress James Haven. True, recently, a black cat seems to have run between relatives. They have not appeared together at events for a long time and do not even talk about each other.

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