Why is Gambia called the smiling coast of Africa?

The Gambia is considered to be one of the nicest and safest countries in the world to visit. Because of its kind and inviting population, the country’s economy is mainly dependant on tourism. It has also gained the moniker ‘The Smiling Coast’ because of its location on the African continent.

This tiny nation passes through the heart of Senegal, and some believe its location is like a grin on an African map, inviting visitors who travel through it all the way to the Gambia River. Since it was created years ago, the nation has proudly worn the term both in official and casual contexts.

This brand has contributed to improving The Gambia’s image, resulting in establishing employment possibilities for the country’s young. As early as the 1960s, the nation carved out a position for itself in the hotel business.

Stakeholders made a concerted effort in the late 1970s to boost The Gambia’s international appeal and transform it into a desirable tourism destination.

It happened to be about the same time that Alex Haley’s highly acclaimed book Roots: The Saga of an American Family was released. Many black people in the diaspora could instantly identify with the protagonist, Kunta Kinte, a Gambian who was kidnapped and sold into slavery in the 18th century.

Gambia is also smiling coast for monkeys
Gambia is also smiling coast for monkeys

It observed a boom in Gambia’s allure to tourists looking for their origins, so the Gambian Tourism Board took advantage of the book’s media exposure and created a New York office, legitimizing the relationship between Gambia, Africa, and the United States.

Tourists will find a wealth of attractions in this lovely nation, including gorgeous scenery, picturesque riverbank villages, ethnic variety, religious tolerance, hotels, spas, and great and tasty local food. In addition, the country’s rich history, historic structures, archaeological sites (some of which are UNESCO World Heritage sites), and monuments all have fascinating tales to tell.

Gambians make a deliberate effort to continually improve their tourist sector by concentrating on customer happiness by providing the greatest services at their hotels and a focused emphasis on making the nation interesting to others via clever marketing strategies.

Wassu stone circle is located in the Niani district of Gambia
Wassu stone circle is located in the Niani district of Gambia

The charm of ‘The Smiling Coast’ has not waned over time. Instead, it has become a sought-after destination for those looking to immerse themselves in Africa’s rich culture and natural surroundings in a welcoming and secure atmosphere.

The name ‘The Smiling Coast’ was inspired by the country’s form on a map of Africa, but the Gambians best represent it and bring it to life through their pleasant and welcoming demeanor.

Outline map of Gambia
Outline map of Gambia

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