Why Kim Kardashian is really throwing in the towel

Who could have ever imagined that the future of Kim Kardashian (39) would be a big question mark? And yet, since she announced with “heavy heart” that the plug will be pulled from ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ after 14 years and 20 seasons, the further course of her career has never been more uncertain. But what was the real reason for the farewell? According to American media, all the fuss about Kanye West (43) broke the bomb.

According to ‘momager’ – mom and manager – Kris Jenner (64), there is no problem. She says it is “the right time to move on” and says the final ending to their reality series now gives the world-famous family the chance to “slow down a bit”.

But behind that diplomatic statement would be a very different truth: According to a close family friend, the Kardashians feel “completely cheated and lied to,” and everyone had a share in their departure.

“As manager of the children, Kris always concluded the family contracts with channel E !, the amount was then divided among the girls,” it sounds. “But nowadays, Kim thinks she earns more than she gets from the network. Her sex tape was the first to draw attention to the family at the time, which gave them their show. And Kim is still the biggest attraction even now”.

Just there, however, the shoe would wring: Kim does not want to comment on all the commotion surrounding her husband Kanye West and his mental state. Kim is tired of having cameras pointed at her when her marriage implodes. She is ashamed of Kanye’s behavior and feels that she doesn’t need to share her problems with the world. When it comes to her marriage, Kim is at a breaking point.”

‘Hardest months’

The last few months would have been the hardest in her life. In July, Kanye announced that he is running for president. Not much later, he was shocked to share that he and Kim had considered abortion while pregnant with their oldest child, North, 7.

The rapper went a step further: on Twitter, he wrote a deluge of confusing messages, in which he confessed, among other things, how he “has been trying to divorce Kim for months.” His other half had to look at it with sorrow, says the family friend: ‘She describes that statement as the low he could reach.’

The situation is only going from bad to worse. Because although Kim and Kanye meanwhile held a mediation session, it is now a done deal for her. The bizarre and distasteful video that Kanye shared, in which he urinated on a Grammy award, burst the bomb. “Then she knew that this had to end”, it sounds. “Yes, she knows Kanye has a disease. But she’s had enough of this devastating vicious circle.”

Kanye explodes

According to the family friend, Kim also conveyed that message to Kanye, although it didn’t exactly go as expected. “She lost her temper and cried in tears that she no longer wants to be married to him. She was hysterical, Kanye was crying,” it sounds. Kim would have the divorce papers prepared in the meantime, and would now wait until Kanye’s condition is normalized to file them.

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