Why you should never tell your goals to anyone

When you achieve an important goal, the first thing you want to do is tell your family and friends. You anticipate support, you wish to observe their approval, and you would like to explain the details of your plan. However, you shouldn’t be in a hurry to tell anyone about your goals because doing so may have a bad effect on both the process and the outcome of your work. We’ve compiled a list of reasons why you should continue without informing anyone of your goals.

1. You feel a double responsibility

When you commit to completing a goal, you accept the responsibility of seeing it through. You are aware that to move forward, you will have to put forth specific efforts, work on correcting your mistakes, motivate yourself, and battle against being lazy. In the situation that you are unsuccessful, it will be incredibly challenging to justify to yourself why you chose to give up and leave everything as it was in the middle of the process.

When you let another person in on your goals, you subject yourself to twice the responsibility that would otherwise be placed on your shoulders. You will now be concerned that you will not be able to live up to your own and the expectations that other people have of you. People aware of your goals will periodically question you, inquire about your progress, and urge you to get things done as quickly as possible.

Others believe that being subjected to this level of pressure from other people ultimately benefits you. They don’t let you forget your goals and make it clear that you’ll have to defend yourself in front of other people if you fail. This compels you to put in more productive hours at work. However, the situation is somewhat different in reality; you are under a constant state of stress due to the fact that even the smallest possibility that you will let down some of your family and friends or that those around you will make fun of your failures is enough to stimulate feelings of anxiety and fear in you.

If you want to be successful at something without having to put yourself through any emotional distress and with the knowledge that you can back out of the task if something unexpected comes up, then you should keep your goals a secret from other people. If you do things this way, you’ll find that you can relax much more easily.

2. Other people will try to get in the way of your goals

When you tell the people around you about your goals, you almost inevitably invite this problem, which is when those individuals try to intervene in the procedure you have planned. You can easily inform your family, friends, coworkers, and acquaintances that you have a personal goal in mind by simply sharing the news with them. They will, in response, believe it to be necessary to offer you unsolicited advice, condemn your choices, and try all in their power to persuade you away from particular decisions.

These kinds of proactive activities on the part of other people will, of course, not go ignored by anyone. At the very least, you will have ongoing anxiety and worry that individuals who are important to you disapprove of the acts you choose. At best, you will be influenced by the opinions of others, and you will give up the ability to decide things for yourself.

Avoid putting yourself in dangerous circumstances at all costs. There is no issue with carrying out your goals without disclosing them to anyone else. Once you’ve crossed the finish line, you’ll be able to update your loved ones on your journey.

3. You’ll lose your motivation

You’ve probably noticed this unusual thing. As long as an idea is floating around in your head and you’re considering ways to make it a reality, you’ll have the motivation to see it through. You get the sense that the time is right for you to make the initial move toward achieving what you want right now. However, as soon as you tell someone about your intentions and explain the process of making them come true, your motivation slowly begins to deteriorate. It seems as though the first step has already been completed; you have informed those close to you, and as a result, taking decisive action cannot be rushed.

When you talk about the things you have planned, you give the impression that the outcome is already decided. The motivation is gone, and there is a greater chance that nothing will move forward beyond the discussion stage. People who are close to you can also be a contributing factor in your procrastination since they can bring you down, make you afraid of failing, and destroy your self-confidence. You don’t want to kill your motivation, so get started on what you want to do as soon as possible and avoid becoming sidetracked by idle chatter. The longer you think and doubt, the more likely your dreams will remain just that.

4. People around you undermine your self-esteem

People are always looking for methods to validate themselves, and many do so with the support of others. They do things such as pressure the person to make critical decisions, compare them to others, and present examples from their own lives to show that the individual will not succeed in what they have planned.

You risk signing a death sentence for your hopes, ambitions, and plans for the future if you discuss them with such people. After all, you will feel disappointed since they will point out your flaws and search for imperfections in the strategy that you have planned. The most disheartening aspect is that it will come across as very realistic.

Keep silent about the goals you have set for yourself if you truly want to accomplish something. You’ll be able to keep your confidence in yourself and your abilities this way, which will help you to ward off unwanted criticism, which is rarely useful. And here’s one more useful piece of guidance: you should never take the advice of those persons who have not achieved anything significant in their own lives. There is a significant possibility that they are jealous of you and desire the same bad luck upon you.

5. It takes a lot of time and energy to talk

It is impossible to go out and tell someone what you intend without receiving a significant number of inquiries. Be prepared that just discussing your plans will take up a considerable amount of time and effort on its own. You will have to justify to everyone why you selected a particular choice, what you intend to do to accomplish your goals, and whether or not you have considered all the potential dangers. You will have to argue about pointless things, defend your right to do whatever you want to do, and so on.

People are naturally quite interested, and for some reason, a large percentage of them also think of themselves as experts in every topic and sector. It is in your best interest not to hurry into telling people about your goals so that you don’t waste your time and effort. Keep moving forward in a self-assured manner. You won’t ever be short on time to talk about the steps you’re taking to accomplish the goal and the achievements that lie ahead.

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