List of anxiety triggers that makes you feel tense everytime they happen

Some things we do without even thinking about it, like picking up an instrument like a guitar or driving a vehicle. Only with enough practice will you be able to accomplish them automatically. At first, they are exciting, but once some time has passed and you have adjusted to them, you will find that they make your life much simpler compared to times gone by. However, some activities cause you to experience anxiety each time they take place. It is very difficult, if not impossible, to get used to this; every time you have to do it, your palms will start sweating. At least, that is how it is for most people.

1. Interview

When you need to call for a position that you are applying for, and even more so when you come in for an interview, it seems like you have been called to the board as you did when you were in school. You are aware that you will be asked various questions, and even though you know the answers to these questions, you are beginning to fumble because you are concerned that this may be interpreted as an attempt to embellish.

2. Engaging in conversation with a set of people with whom you are not familiar with

Even if you have a lot of friends, talking to a bunch of strangers for the first few minutes of your conversation will make you feel tense and uncomfortable. The point is that you think multiple glances at people who know each other but have no idea who you are, and they practically study you from head to toe. This is something that you feel about yourself. The fact that this anxiety is evident in the air does little to boost one’s sense of self-assurance.

3. Passing a truck that is travelling in the opposite direction on the highway

No matter how experienced the driver is, no matter how fast the car he drives, if he has a head on his shoulders and the knowledge that the dangers of overtaking are contained within it, he is a little tense every time he tries to get ahead of a large truck on the highway while travelling at a speed of more than 100 kilometres per hour. This is especially true when, while passing another vehicle, there are just 10 seconds left before the car you are passing, but the truck driver is in no hurry to finish the pass.

4. When you walk past a person who makes you uncomfortable while holding a phone in your hand

It is not required to be a phone; rather, any valuable item might serve in this capacity. The most important thing is that when you see a suspicious person walking toward you, even if you are twice his size, you experience anxiety because you imagine the person stealing a valuable item from your hands and running full speed into some dark gateway. This is true even if you are twice his size. A similar thing occurs on the bus as you stand at the door next to the same individual, and she casts a look that appears to be judging you.

5. Walking out of the store without making any purchases

Even though you have never stolen a single thing in your life, when you leave the store without making any purchases, you feel like you have some stolen chocolates in your pockets. This is true even if you have never stolen a single thing in your entire life. Particularly, anxiety increases when one is moving through the detector frames or standing next to a guard. During times like this, you start to remember things hurriedly, such as whether or not you automatically put something in your pocket and whether or not the cameras noticed how you did it.

6. Whenever you hear the phrase “we need to discuss,” pay attention

It doesn’t matter if it comes from your lover or your boss; it’s always a stressful statement because, based on personal experience and the stories told in popular culture, the situation rarely turns out well when that phrase is spoken. The anxiety will continue to rise until the person in question opens their mouth and says what they intended to say.

7. Date invitation

When you stop and give it some thought, most dates follow the same pattern as everything that came before them. However, even if you went on dozens of dates, the stress caused by each successive date is related to the fact that you need to force yourself to overcome your inhibitions to ask this important question to the girl. Even if you know she loves you; her legs nevertheless give way at the simple mention of the subject “going somewhere?”

8. When you pass the cops on the street

The fact that these two men in uniform are standing on the sidewalk means they are waiting for you, and there is no other explanation. They have just learned that you left the store without making any purchases. As a result, they would like to talk with you to explain why stealing is such a terrible thing to do because of the awful experiences that have been caused to perfectly innocent people on more than one occasion.

9. Respond to a knock at the door

Who may come without having a formal invitation? This is a question that literally everyone asks when they get a call or a knock on the door in the middle of the day, even though he was not expecting anyone to be there. Perhaps these are the same cops who were waiting for you at the store’s exit, but you were able to bypass them and make your way out of there.

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