Why young people of today get married late or don’t want it

More young people of today decide to get married late, and often some claim that this step in their lives is not necessary and they will not get married.

Those who decide to do so don’t want anything traditional, increasingly reject the customs from their parents’ time.

The study of the Pew Research Center reveals that 25 percent of young people claim they will never get married, and there are several reasons for this:

The first and main reason is financing. Today, fewer and fewer parents have the opportunity to finance their children’s weddings. Still, they are not in a better position either. Due to low incomes, many can’t afford big celebrations. People also don’t want to get into the debts and loans that a shared apartment or house brings with it.

As they say, they learned from their parents’ mistakes, so another reason for refusing marriage is divorce.

The young generations have watched their parents quarrel. How stressful it is to go through a period of marriage breakdown, so they fear that the same could happen to them, especially today when the number of failed marriages is high.

Selfishness also plays a significant role in the whole story. Young people first want to understand who they are, what kind of desires they have in life, and think that is impossible in their twenties.

This shifts the age at which one marries. They believe that marriage is not something that must be done for the formula of an ideal life to be fulfilled.

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