Will.i.am fled by ‘racist’ flight attendant

‘Black Eyed Peas’ frontman Will.i.am says he was taken off a flight by a flight attendant because he is black. Eventually, he even had to be escorted out of the plane by five police officers. The rapper reveals this on his Twitter account.

The musician was on a flight from Brisbane to Sydney when the stewards asked passengers to prepare for landing and put away their equipment.

According to Will.i.am he did not hear the announcement because he was wearing his headphones. As a result, he kept tapping quietly on his laptop. The stewardess would then have become very angry with the singer, even though he was still trying to hide his laptop. The pilot then called the airport to request a police escort.

Then, Will.i.am. referred the act to racism. He doesn’t want to believe she’s racist. But she was clearly only frustrated when it came to people with a tan. He addresses the steward with the hashtag RacistFlightAttendant, and even tweeted the name and number of the staff member. The Australian airline Qantas, with which the singer flew, has not yet responded.

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