Will lace outfits be the new summer fashion for men?

If it is up to the American fashion brand Hologram City, men can show themselves with confidence in the street this summer in shorts and shirts of translucent lace in sweet colors and black and white.

On the website of the company the light-hearted men’s sets are advertised for a few tens per item, but the question is whether there has since been a run on the creations.

On social media, the reactions to the clothing novelty of the internationally active fashion chain based in Los Angels are very diverse. Men, according to the many reactions on Twitter and Instagram, are not really waiting for the outfits yet.

Some women (and men) are happy with it and would prefer to spot men in striking pants and shirts as quickly as possible. A negative person judges: “Totally unsuitable to go to church with us on Sunday.” “No, no, no and no more.”

According to American fashion sites, this is a smart reintroduction of the Lace Me Up clothing line from Hologram City. The lace sets and even a somewhat panty jumpsuit variant were also launched last year, but then the sales figures would have been a bit disappointing.

For those who find lace too translucent, the company now also has flashy summer and party outfits made from a kind of mesh with smaller holes.

The company is not the first chain that uses lace in men’s clothing. The material has been used for years for haute couture, for example by fashion house Gucci. Earlier this year, former One Direction singer Harry Styles wore a lace shirt from the latter during the MET Gala in New York.

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