Without Bridges! Adrien crosses water course standing on skimboard in 4 seconds

Want to cross the water, but no bridge nearby? No problem for Adrien Raza. The 26-year-old skimboarder has invented a whole new way to reach the other side without getting wet feet. The video in which he shows his trick in the Rotterdam Heemraadssingel is currently going around the world.

Raza takes a run, throws his skimboard (a kind of skateboard without wheels) flat in front of him on the ground, and four seconds later, he is on the other side of the pond.

An important detail: the skimboarder with French roots is a four-time European champion in his profession.

“I actually glide over all kinds of things with it. Fountains, flooded skate parks, rain puddles, and so also canals. The Netherlands is the perfect country for this,” he explained to news site ‘AD’.

After much urging, Raza was also kind enough to share a compilation of his failed attempts.

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