Woman flogged for sleeping with another man break silence

The flogged young woman who was embarrassed after being caught in the house of a married man finally broke her silence.

Remember that the young woman was flogged without mercy in the Anambra state of Nigeria. The flogged woman who is widow and mother of a child said that her career in Nigeria and abroad has fallen, as a result of the video that went viral. Yet, she has not been compensated.

She revealed that when she was being tortured, the man, Ifeanyi Azotani, who had invited her to the house, was mopping at her and does nothing to save her.


Among the suspects present are Ifeanyi Azotani, a 40-year-old craftsman, his wife Tochukwu, 43, and his cousin Ogochukwu Nwankwo, 33 years old. One of the suspects interviewed by reporters, Nwankwo Ogochukwu (niece) said she was about to leave. Soon after, she receives a call from Tochukwu Azotani inviting her to come back home. Because she had rumors that her husband was sleeping with a young woman in the neighborhood.

The wife explained that when she arrived there, she remembered how her ex-husband forced her son to stay at her friend’s house. He did that because he wanted to sleep with another woman. And this, cause her anger to rise. She added that the incident made her angry, and then flogged the young lady humiliate her. Adding that it wasn’t her character because she confessed she had made a mistake.

Woman flogged for sleeping with another man break silence
Tochukwu Azotani

The wife, said she saw a conversation between her husband. And woman the second time after their meeting at the hotel. That’s why she decided to invite the lady to the house (with the help of the man) and ruthlessly flogged her. The wife also maintained that she did not know that the appeal against the lady would be publish online.

The victim


The suspects confessed the crime but denied having released the video. They said it was a third party who had collected the video on the day of the incident and had made it public.

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