Women can recognize a cheating man with the size of the logo

A recent study found that wearing one particular cloth may indicate that you’re prone to cheating, even if you’ve never strayed. While focusing on other signs, his dressing can say a lot about him

Men who wear clothes with big, famous brand logos are prone to cheating. Researchers recently published a study in the journal Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin that found that the logo on a man’s clothing, or more specifically its size, can be perceived quite differently by women.

Women can recognize a cheating man with the size of the logo

Researcher Daniel Kruger, Ph.D., a psychologist at the University of Michigan, asked 376 study participants to rate men wearing a well-known brand polo shirt with a large or small logo in order to analyze a number of factors, including:

  • Frequency of flirting
  • Desire to steal another’s partner
  • Concern for children
  • Spending resources to support the family

Summary of th study

The results showed that women trust men wearing clothes with large logos of famous brands less because they consider them more prone to cheating. Moreover, according to the study, women consider such men unreliable for long-term romantic relationships and more prone to short intimate relationships.

Why the psychologist was wrong in his assumptions

Initially, Krueger assumed that large logos of expensive brands would be more attractive to women because they could be considered a sign of wealth and power, two traits important for reproduction and family building. What Krueger actually found, however, was that women consider men who wear such clothes to be prone to affairs on the side rather than potential parents.

Women can recognize a cheating man with the size of the logo

Women trust men wearing clothes with smaller logos

According to Kruger, small logos of famous brands are perceived by women as a sign of reliability, and men understand that. The researcher also asked study participants what they would prefer to wear.

What men say

Male respondents reported that for a job interview or meeting with their partner’s parents, they would likely wear something that wouldn’t be conspicuous and if there was a logo, quite small. Note that men tend to wear clothing with a small logo when they wish to earn credibility.

But in situations where a man wants to assert himself – for example, to show himself as a leader or to attract a partner – respondents answered that they would be more likely to wear something with a large logo.

Men are more likely to cheat

According to a large 2003 study published in AARP The Magazine, 46% of men admitted to having cheated on a partner in the past. For women, the figure was 21%.

Another report from the Institute for Family Studies found that married men are almost twice as likely to cheat on their spouses as married women. According to this report, 20 percent of men admitted to cheating, but the figure stood at 13 percent for women.

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