Zimbabwe: Robert Mugabe’s son takes power in place

The son of Robert Mugabe has expressed his opinion following the recent elections in Zimbabwe, saying that the country is no longer as it was under the reign of his father.

Sharing a photo of a burning car on his Instagram account, Robert Jnr hinted that the country is in shambles since his father was ousted from power.

As News24 reports, he lamented the violent protests that stained the vote last week.

He wrote: “it’s not Zimbabwe in which I grew up. It’s not Zimbabwe that I know. May God do his work”.

Violent demonstrations erupted last Wednesday in Harare as supporters of MDC alliance leader Nelson Chamisa expressed anger at the delay in proclaiming the results of the presidential election.

Several ruling party campaign vehicles were burned and shops were attacked.

Faced with this situation, the army opened fire on the demonstrators. At least six people were killed and 14 injured, according to police reports.

On the eve of the elections, Robert Mugabe said he would vote for Chamisa. He reiterated his harsh criticism of the November “coup d’etat” that led to his resignation.

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