10 reasons why you don’t feel happy if you have everything

For many years you have made great efforts to make your life almost perfect and achieve everything that you dreamed of, but despite all this, you do not feel happy. The people around you envy you, set you up as an example, admire you. You understand that you should also be pleased about your successes, but the emotions are exactly the opposite as if nothing has changed for the better in your life. We have collected several reasons why you do not feel happy if you have everything.

You dream of something else

You have achieved success, started making good money, bought a good car, maybe even saved up for your apartment, but you do not feel happy because you dream of something else deep down. Perhaps you have always imagined yourself as a family man, a caring father, a courageous traveler, or your job, which brings you a high income, is far from the profession of your dreams.

You have to get to the bottom of the reason for your well-being and understand what you are missing out on in your pursuit of success.

You are used to being content with little

Perhaps you grew up in a low-income family where everyone is used to being content with little due to lack of money, time, space, and so on. In adulthood, it can be difficult to get rid of this view of things – and even when you start earning good money and have enough money not to need anything, you will continue to limit yourself.

Nothing will change for you – except that the bank account will become a couple of zeros longer. But success and, as a result, money will not bring pleasure if you do not allow yourself to spend it.

You live by someone else’s principles

For you, money, fame, success, useful acquaintances are not the main thing, but you grew up or lived for a long time surrounded by those who made you think differently. Deep down, you understand that your views and principles are imposed on you from the outside, but you continue to live by following them. Of course, when you act against yourself and your beliefs, you feel nothing but a bitter sense of disappointment.

You do not know how to enjoy the results of your labors

You are always dissatisfied with what you are achieving; it seems to you that it would be possible to complete the tasks assigned to you even faster, better, and more creatively. You do not know how to enjoy the results of your work – which means that you have nowhere to draw positive emotions from.

Even after you get a good income, get a long-awaited promotion, and accumulate an impressive amount in your account, you will feel that you have not done enough.

You are trying to prove something to someone

Sometimes behind our success is a common desire to prove to someone the promise of our ideas, intelligence, and talent. This happens if a person made you feel insignificant, stupid, and a failure a long time ago.

Perhaps all that you have achieved and done was just an attempt to impress your parents, brothers, or sisters, teachers who humiliated you, classmates who told you throughout the school that you were not capable of anything.

Driven by the desire to feel worthy, to find love and respect from others, you spent a lot of time and effort to achieve the generally accepted success – to make a lot of money, get a high status, buy yourself a lot of expensive and unnecessary things. But with such revenge, you only deprived yourself of the opportunity to live for your pleasure. People who, for whatever reason, hate or despise you will continue to do so, no matter how much you have changed for the better. And you try to understand that you have always been and will be successful as long as you admit it.

You are afraid to appear weak and pathetic

Few people can succeed without harming their mental health. Perhaps you feel morally killed, exhausted, but do not want to admit to yourself and other people that you need help. It’s all to blame for the negative attitude of our society towards psychology, psychotherapy, and psychiatry. This prevents people experiencing psychological problems from receiving qualified help. They convince themselves that this manifests weakness and suppress thoughts of referring to a specialist.

If you feel that something is wrong with you, that the things that made you happy no longer bring happiness, talk about it with your loved ones, explain the whole situation to them and make an appointment. It can manifest a depressive disorder, apathy, or anxiety.

You constantly compare yourself to others

If you constantly compare yourself to other people, you can skillfully devalue any achievements you achieve because comparisons are rarely in favor of the one who compares. Even if you have become more successful than most, bought a good car, an apartment, earn so much that you can easily fly abroad a couple of times a year, you will still have room to grow.

After all, there are people like Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, and Bill Gates, and to their condition, you still have to grow and grow. Whatever heights you reach, there will always be someone who has done a little more. You need to come to terms with this.

You believe that you will be happy after reaching the next goal

You believe that happiness will come as soon as you complete one more goal, receive a long-awaited promotion, increase your fortune, implement another project, and so on.

But you are deceiving yourself, over and over again, delaying the very moment when you can be happy. You convince yourself that the goals you have achieved are not so significant, and you need to do much more to allow yourself to enjoy. There is no specific goal that will take your life to a new level and enable you to be proud of yourself.

You do not love or respect yourself

In order to love, appreciate and respect yourself, you do not need any conditions like a high salary, a good apartment, a car, or a huge amount in a bank account. People know how to treat themselves with dignity even without all of this. And you don’t need reasons to change your attitude towards yourself. Indeed, in the end, it is not determined by any external signs but only by yourself.

You don’t have close people around

You may have many friends on social networks, you will be surrounded by attention, there may be hundreds of names in your telephone directory, but this does not mean that you are not alone.

Sometimes people are not happy with their success because there is no one to share it with. Do not underestimate the importance of close friends – with them; you can share your thoughts, feelings, fears, ideas. If there are no such people next to you, this may be why you do not feel happy.

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