10 serious mistakes that men usually make in bed

There are many mistakes that men always make and either they are afraid to accept mistakes or they do not even know they are making a mistake.

Making love is an important part of a relationship and everyone wants to have a passionate and caring partner.

Here are 10 mistakes that men usually make on the bed that women hate

Do not pay attention to one’s whole body.

These are the first mistakes that men usually make. The body needs attention and its absence will cause dissatisfaction. She wants more love.

Wrong use of hands.

Hands are very important. Touch her in every place and support your sensuality with your hands. Proper use of the hands will never leave her unsatisfied.

No or fewer preliminaries

Preliminaries are necessary because it helps the body prepare for a good session. If you avoid a good session, your partner will not be happy. Take things slowly and regularly and win the race.

Avoiding hugs is a serious mistake

Men generally avoid hugs and believe us it’s a big mistake. Cuddling should not be avoided.

Talk about work

The moment is to appreciate, not to stress. The bed is not the place to talk about work.

Why do you talk about work on the bed? It’s completely a bad thing. Avoid this silly mistake.

Go away suddenly

It kills the spirit of a relationship. Do not leave suddenly after s3x, it’s so bad. This is one of the grossest mistakes that can be made.

Watch movies

Adult movies are not realistic. Do not try to do as in movies. He even develops unrealistic fantasies and it’s not good. This is one of the biggest mistakes that men usually make.

Using the phone

Privacy should never be disturbed by the use of the phone. It is a very insensitive movement.

Always impose your will

Love making is about the fantasies of two people, not just yours. Do not force her to do the things you love. She may not like what you would like to do.

Brag about your skills

Wait for your partner to brag about you and try to enjoy it. This will help you to have bigger sessions ahead.

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