10 signs that tell you you’re not an extrovert or introvert, but an ambivert

Extroverts and introverts are well known to us, and we are used to identifying ourselves as one of these types. But it turns out that 68% of people are ambiverts. These are those who can be funny lighters, and the next day, close themselves to the whole world and watch TV shows all alone.

We got curious about what other traits ambiverts have. Maybe it’s true that most of us have this type of personality.

They feel equally comfortable in the company and alone with themselves

Ambivert is a person who can be the center of attention and show the wonders of communication. And the next day, without a twinge of conscience, he will spend alone or in an embrace with a cat, without experiencing any discomfort due to the lack of company.

Being in the company for a long time, they get tired

The love of active communication leads to rapid fatigue from social contacts, but at the same time, intolerance of prolonged loneliness. To avoid sudden mood swings, they should replenish their energy by doing some of their things alone.

Do not go to extremes and do not risk everything

Looking at the behavior of the ambivert, it may seem that they are being thrown from one extreme to another. But they manage to keep a balance, especially when it comes to risk. So, for example, if extroverts can easily put everything on the line, and introverts, on the contrary, are too cautious, then ambiverts act, weighing all the pros and cons. They can take risks, but they take risks with judgment.

Show emotion in some cases in a low-key manner and others in a vivid manner

Ambiverts know when to be friendly and emotional and when to focus and be serious. For example, during an important meeting, they will be attentive and collected, and at home with family or friends, they can fool around like small children. Sometimes it may seem that these are generally two different people.

Know with whom and how to build a conversation

Ambivert can masterfully start a conversation and find points of intersection with any interlocutor. This subconscious flexibility helps to tune in to the wave of the interlocutor. With such people, you can conduct conversations on serious topics and simple conversations about the weather.

Equally effective in a team and without

Ambiverts can work productively, both independently and as a team. They will not pull their hair out to break out into leaders in a large team, and, perhaps, they will listen more than talk. But if necessary, they will take the reins of government into their own hands for a while.

Ambiverts are flexible

They are quite flexible people. And this is very useful not only for their career but also in their personal life. Ambivert is a reliable partner who will not pull the blanket over himself but will lend his shoulder at a difficult moment. They know how to assess the situation and take appropriate measures so that events develop favorably.

Sometimes it’s hard for people to understand their mood swings

The temperament of an ambivert is difficult to define clearly. This is because sometimes they show uncontrollable enthusiasm, and the next day they can seem completely numb as if they were giving up. And it is sometimes difficult for others to understand what happened in general, why yesterday’s cheerful interlocutor, ready to move mountains, wilted.

Different people see them differently

Because the traits of extrovert and introvert are closely intertwined in ambiverts, they easily adapt to the situation and context. For example, the same woman may be the model mother of her grandchildren and wife of her son in her mother-in-law’s eyes, a party star for her friends, and a leader at work.

Can find themselves in many professions

Ambiverts know they have certain strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, they work on their shortcomings instead of venting to faults, making their path to success long. And this is not because they were born with genius abilities and a wide range of skills. They won’t let fear of failure stop them from trying new things.

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