These 6 things change in your relationship when you move in together

You and your lover go great together. That’s why you’ve decided it’s time to move in together. Super fun, probably a lot cheaper, but above all, pretty scary. A lot of things will change in your relationship.

Now that you and your lover have decided to move in together, it is time to start thinking about the consequences. There are enough of those. But fear not, in addition to the challenges you will encounter, living together comes with many advantages, except for sharing the bathroom, of course.

Everything is now a group decision

Do you decide everything like a real independent woman? Then we have news for you because those times are now over. Whether it’s a new couch or dinner, every decision you’re going to make should be made with your partner. You now not only share a mailbox but also a life


Staying at home is the best thing ever

Remember those times when you spent every weekend at the club? In your left hand, a Vodka Sprite, your debit card for the next drink? Those times are also over. It is now no longer necessary to leave the house for quality time. Besides saving you a lot of money, you can also chill in your pajamas—a win-win situation.

Oh, you want privacy? Joker

In addition to the advantages of living together with your honeymoon, there are also some disadvantages. Namely, the concept of privacy. That has completely disappeared. So all the little things that you usually keep hidden from each other are now entirely out there. So it’s time to play open card.

You’re going to have to set new boundaries

When we talk about setting boundaries, we’re not just talking about boundaries within the bedroom. There are plenty of boundaries in everyday life that need to be defined now that you’re living together.

Who’s going to do the laundry when? Or why can leaving the dishes in the sink almost kill him? Talk about everything. If you bottle up your irritations, they will always come out at an unfavorable time. Just before your housewarming, for example.

The things you argue about change

Speaking of irritations, the topics of quarrels are also going to change. Previously, your discussions were probably mainly about the relationship itself. Now you start bickering about other things, like which guests you invite or money.

Money is significant when you live together. In any case, be completely open about your finances before you pack your bags. Tip: open a joint account where you both put a certain amount for groceries.

You become much more intimate

Sure, bickering about money and lack of privacy are a-relaxed, but it shouldn’t spoil the fun. A significant advantage is that your dynamics will change. So there is a good chance that you will grow even closer to each other. This kind of intimacy can only come about because you live together.

All in all, it can sometimes be quite challenging to live with your partner. But when it’s the one, it’s going to be the best thing ever.

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