Busy week? 7 tips to be able to relax

In busy weeks, taking care of yourself quickly loses its bearings. It is a shame because it is precisely taking good care of yourself and relaxing that ultimately ensures that you deliver the best performance.

Are your feelings of stress very high during your working day? And is it difficult for you to relax in the evening? Here are seven tips to help you relax during a busy week.

This way, you can easily manage the stress.


We know: Taking breaks and going to bed on time can feel very contradictory when you’re busy and stressed. But perhaps these things are more important now than ever. If you have a short night or don’t take the time for your lunch break, you will find that you are much less able to deal with stress. You then end up in a vicious circle because this will only make you more stressed.

Ironically, the best way to be less stressed during a busy week is not to work more and harder but by stepping away from work now and then.

Turn your shower into a spa moment

We all need to shower, so this fits into your busy schedule. It is, therefore, the ideal activity to use as a moment to relax. Although we are a fan of saving money, we believe that you should not hold tasty shower products. Go for the luxury product with that beautiful scent like you that gives you a moment of happiness every morning.

Create more time for yourself

We all have busy weeks. But do you notice that you often have trouble relaxing because you are always short of time? Then a spa moment is of no use, and it is better to tackle the problem at the cause. Immerse yourself in productivity methods that will help you work smarter, more efficiently, and get more done in less time.


Be honest: your exercise session is often the first thing you let go of when you’re busy. And that while the released endorphins are a good enemy for your feelings of stress. A workout of ten to twenty minutes is enough to get your heart rate up, and you can relax afterward. Pick an exercise that you enjoy doing (not those horrible burpees), and you’ve got a win-win situation.

Make an appointment with yourself

One way to free up time for yourself (and relaxation) is to schedule time for yourself in your calendar literally. What can you let off steam? Is that with a good book or fun series on the couch? By drawing? To write in your diary? Whatever it may be for you: plan time for it and do it!


You’ve probably been given this tip to relax more, so let it be a good reminder: give it a try. Meditating for five to ten minutes a day can make a difference, so get up a little earlier and grab your chance. It is lovely to close your eyes and focus on your breathing while the rest of the world is not asking anything of you. You don’t have to believe that just because I say it: study after study shows how powerful meditation can be.

Go outside

Especially for those that work from home, the temptation is very significant to keep working behind your computer when you’re busy. Try to go outside for a walk every day. That is good for the body and mind. For example, you can take a walk during that lunch break (two birds with one stone). Or step out the door if you are stuck in your work for a while. Bet you come to new insights?

Going outside at the end of the working day also has its advantages. This way, your brain has a clear separation between work and private life. You can let the workday sink in for a while and then relax better. If you also look for nature during a walk, the picture is complete because nature also has a calming effect on people.

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