10 weirdest things found in animal stomachs

Animals in the wild never know what they will have for dinner – or if they will go hungry at all. Under such conditions, there is no room for discernment: can it satiate or will it not kill me? However, some of them end up eating weirdest things.

Wild and domestic animals always find what to eat, and our planet earth would have been incomplete without them. Even though the wild animals eat weird things, our domestic animals have not gone far from their wild counterparts, for, in the end, an animal remains an animal.

We decided to compile a shortlist of the strangest things animals have eaten. Some of them will make you laugh, while others will scare the hell out of you.

10 weirdest things found in animal stomachs

10. Knife

10 weirdest things found in animal stomachs

Fortunately, foldable and closed. The Danish Great Dane named ‘Swallow’ (the dog, as a puppy, had a love for indigestible things) ate the owner’s favorite working tool. The local veterinarian was already used to the frequent visits of ‘Swallow’ and was not surprised by the new find.

9. Human hand

10 weirdest things found in animal stomachs

Visitors to the Australian Aquarium will remember March 7, 1930, forever. On that day, a large crowd gathered to watch a tiger shark being launched into the aquarium. After swimming a little along the perimeter of the glass cage, she contemptuously spat out a human hand stuck between her teeth. The most amazing thing is that the experts established the owner of the limb: it turned out to be a boxer and criminal James Smith, who recently escaped from prison.

8. Girl

10 weirdest things found in animal stomachs

Australia is not a place for quiet walks at all. A certain Cindy Waldron from Sydney decided to swim in a nearby river – she has never seen again alive. Two weeks later, the hunters stumbled upon a huge crocodile, unable to even move from overeating. Guess whose remains were found in his belly.

7. Knight’s plate

10 weirdest things found in animal stomachs

At this number 7 of the top ten weirdest things found in animal stomachs are one more greeting from hot Australia. One of the sharks caught off the coast pleased the oceanographers with the stomach’s content: the predator managed to devour a knight’s breastplate, gloves, and a visor from a helmet. But where did she get them at all?

6. Whole deer

10 weirdest things found in animal stomachs

Crocodiles consider Florida their rightful freeman. They fearlessly crawl out onto golf courses, scare away hunters and sometimes even hunt humans. In the belly of one of the huge monsters, they found a whole, not chewed and not yet digested deer.

5. Electric Plaid

Electric Plaid

Huge tiger pythons from South Asia silently cave in on their victims without giving them a chance. At least this plaid, found in the stomach of one of the pythons, certainly didn’t fight back.

4. Sports pants

Sports pants

One, once again, that’s a hard bass. That’s probably what this whale, who had eaten some gym pants in the ocean, was (probably) humming to himself. Fancy guy! But how do the pants got to the ocean?

3. 45 socks

45 socks

On the list of weirdest things found in animal stomachs, the dog still comes back to it. Our little four-leg friends, with their immaculate innocence, are capable of making any mischief. For example, a pit bull from Portland managed to swallow as many as 45 socks in a couple of days. The dog was barely saved!

2. Polar bear

10 weirdest things found in animal stomachs

Canadian oceanographers caught a polar shark by accident in 2011. The life span of the polar shark reaches two hundred years, and it eats whatever it can. In the stomach of this one, for example, scientists found almost a whole polar bear.

Horse’s head

Australian farmers usually guard their livestock like the apple of their eye. But you can’t keep track of them all. A tiger shark managed to trap a horse at a waterhole – two days later, the predator was caught, and the unfortunate horse’s head was removed from its stomach.

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