Man finds three-meter tiger python under his hood [Video]

The owner of a Ford Mustang in the US state of Florida has been driving around for some time with a three-meter hose in his engine compartment. It was a dark tiger python.

The Everglades in the US state has about 150,000 copies of the animal, also known as the Burmese python. The animals usually feel at home in the swamp and mangrove areas. But occasionally, they escape from their natural habitat.

One of the snakes chose a Ford Mustang as its mode of transport this week. The sports car owner sensed something was wrong with his car while driving and drove it to the garage. There, to great surprise, the gigantic snake was found under the hood.

The garage company contacted the local Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. In total, it took four people to get the snake alive in a bag, a witness told local media.

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