12 tips to help you become better

As they say, there is no limit to perfection! So we think so. We believe that human potential is enormous, if not limitless. Therefore, there is always room to strive and grow.

If you have decided that it is time to change your life for the better, we offer 12 useful tip to help you improve and take a fresh look at the world around you.

Don’t complain, don’t gossip, and don’t judge

Try to eliminate the habit of complaining about life, discussing other people, and judging them.

Analyze what negative nuances you pay attention to during the day and why you react to them that way. This will help to get rid of bad habits quickly.

Ask loved ones to pull you back every time you gossip or complain. You can put on a bracelet or elastic band on your wrist, which will remind you of your desire. Every time you stray from it, put the accessory on your other hand and write down how many times a day you did it. Try to reduce the number of times.

Do not criticize your family and loved ones. If you see their mistakes, try to calm the conversation without nerves and screams. When it becomes a habit, your character will improve. And this will have a huge impact on positive changes in your life.

Laugh more often

Laugh at any convenient occasion. Laughter promotes the production of joy hormones and inhibits the production of stress hormones.

Watch comedy movies more often, funny shows, chat with funny friends, joke more. Soon you will notice how your mood is steadily improving.

A good sleep

Go to bed at the same time. An hour before bedtime, try to relax, refrain from activities, especially active ones.

It would help if you slept in the dark since lighting, even dimmed ones, reduces sleep hormone production. You can use blackout curtains, day/night blinds, or a sleep mask to create darkness.

Devices with a working screen (TVs, smartphones, laptops) are harmful to use before going to bed, as their glow also lowers sleep hormone production. There should be cool and humid air in the room. According to experts, the optimal temperature for sleeping is between 18 and 21 ° C.

There is an interesting life hack for those who cannot sleep for a long time. You need to get out of bed and start reading not very interesting literature in the evening light. Drowsiness should come on very quickly.

Keep a personal notepad

Take notes in your personal notebook every day. This approach allows you to express your ideas, and if there is a desire, to implement them. This is a good tool for self-development.

Write down whatever comes to mind. These can be reflections, a look at a situation, and even stories. Write yourself a letter to the future, express gratitude to the person who helped. Write about your plans and options for their implementation.

Keep a gratitude diary

Write your positive emotions and events for which you are grateful to live in a diary. It can be a beautiful sunrise, a fascinating travel experience. From the bottom of your heart, write sincerely, and you will see that fate is favorable to you, and life has something to be grateful for.

Spend money reasonably

Buy what you need. Carry a certain amount of cash with you, not a bank card, which recently received a salary. Go to the store with a pre-made shopping list.

Spend a month in this mode and see how much money you have saved.

Less electronics

Try to spend as little time on your smartphone as possible. At work, it’s best to put it in a drawer altogether. Do not visit social networks unless necessary. Disable smartphone notifications that come from apps.

Try to limit the use of your devices even when you’re bored. Instead, it’s better to read a book.

Make people around you happy

Try to please some of the people around you at least once a day. Do not expect anything in return; do good deeds, and it will be pleasant for you. Give small but pleasant presentations and cheer up those tired or dull.

Generate ideas

Write down any ideas that come to mind. Many of them will be possible to embody reality. In addition, this approach develops imagination and resourcefulness.

Ideas can be completely different – new interior design, ideas for writing a story, and tourist areas you would like to visit.

Eat healthy food

You need quality fuel to help your brain and body develop – healthy, nutritious food. Try to always have in your daily diet: 2-3 servings of fresh vegetables, 3-4 fruits (or two servings of berries), one serving of herbs, a handful of nuts, and at least 1.5 liters of clean water.

A serving is about 80 grams. For example, one medium tomato, a cucumber, three tablespoons of peas or chopped carrots, seven strawberries, or fourteen cherries.

Prepare new and healthy meals more often. Show imagination and creativity while cooking.

Train your brain

The brain needs to be regularly trained with intellectual tasks. Solve crosswords, puzzles, try to write and write interesting stories.

Play board games with your friends that require concentration and attention.

Read every day

Read books daily, at least 15–20 pages. Always keep some interesting books close at hand. Literature broadens horizons, develops imagination, replenishes vocabulary.

Start reading with the most interesting books, do it every day, and reading will become a habit.

The listed tips do not require titanic efforts to implement them. Stick to them, and a positive result will not be long in coming.

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