3 secret tricks to clean your white sneakers

White sneakers are perfect for any outfit, but cleaning them properly can sometimes be a problem. These are three handy and unique ways to get your white sneakers completely clean again.

We will be wearing our white sneakers a lot again, especially during the warm months. The white colour suits every different outfit. Whether you’re wearing light jeans or dark trousers: you’ll never go wrong with these sneakers. However, the question is how you can clean your white sneakers in the right way. We have three tips.

Green soap

Cleaning white sneakers with green soap? It doesn’t sound logical, but it is possible. This is a good option, especially if the spots have only just appeared, for example, due to a walk in the park.

Use a brush and wet it with green soap or soap foam. After you’ve brushed off your sneakers, it’s time to remove the excess foam and pat the sneaker dry.

2. Baby powder and baking soda

The question is whether you have baby powder and baking soda at home. If not, it may be a smart idea to purchase this. You can also easily clean your white sneakers with these materials.

Mix water with the baking soda and brush your sneakers with it. Especially if these are canvas, you’ve got a good way here. Brushed all over with the mixture. Then remove it again, sprinkle baby powder over it and throw your shoes in the washing machine.

Because yes, in the end, a good washing machine does wonders. To be on the safe side, you can also loosely wrap your sneakers in a towel to protect both your sneakers and your washing machine.

3. Toothpaste

You can also clean your white sneakers well with toothpaste. Get a toothbrush (not the same one you normally use to brush your teeth) and put white toothpaste on it.

Not only will your teeth be clean with toothpaste, but also your sneakers. After you rub them in and let them sit for ten minutes, it’s time to remove the toothpaste.

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