4 lies about break up

Any advice and listening after the separation do not help; it does not restore your relationship and will not fill the gap you probably feel inside. It is a situation that will be overcome after it fully matures inside you. But do not make the mistake of blaming yourself or the person in front of you.

People come and go, nothing is permanent, and you know it. Even when you are full of emotions and pain, try to put down your logic and think of some things more objectively. Below you will find 4 phrases that you should not say to yourself after a separation.

4 Wrong things you say to yourself when you are divorced

“I wasted my time”

Everything in life is an experience from which you learn and evolve. Even bad relationships have something to teach you that you would not learn otherwise.

In your relationships, you do new things, you discover another person and yourself, and that can only be good.

“We can still keep in touch”

You know very well that staying friends

with your ex is impossible. It is a false perception that you have due to your need not to lose the other person in your life.

In the end, however, you get hurt more, and you do not let the issue go away with time. Cutting off any contact with him can be hard and painful at first, but it is the best thing you can do.

“Only time will help me get over it”

Yes, time is a doctor. But you have the power to speed up the healing process if, of course, you make the right effort. If you do not want to leave the separation in the past, then neither time nor anything will help you.

“Only when I find another will I overcome him”

“Love with love passes” has been found by many women, but this does not mean that you must immediately find another with what you divorce. Not only will this not make you overcome a separation, but it will make you feel more troubled.

It is good to spend some time alone until you take the next step. You have to go through all this on your own to rationalize the situation and end it inside you

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