4 most common laundry mistakes! Here’s how to avoid them

When you open the washing machine door, the last thing you want to see is that your favourite piece of clothing was ruined while washing. You are probably separating the light from the dark clothes and checking the pockets so that their unwanted contents do not end up in the drum of the washing machine.

However, many make lesser-known mistakes, which lead to the destruction of clothes during washing.

Open zipper on pants

It is the open zipper that is the biggest enemy of delicate fabric. Sharp edges can get stuck on other clothes when turning the washing machine drum.

To avoid the formation of small holes in the fabric, always close the zippers before you start washing, especially if you wash different types of fabrics together. The same rule applies to all other metal accessories on clothing, such as hooks on bras.

You put in too much detergent

One of the most common misconceptions related to laundry is that more detergent also means cleaner clothes. Too much detergent and choosing the wrong type of detergent can cause the excess foam to be difficult to wash off clothes.

That’s why always read the instructions on the detergent label and follow them to make your clothes come out of the washing machine perfectly clean.

Ignore the buttons

In a hurry, many people take off their shirts after wearing them by unbuttoning a few buttons, then take off the shirt like a T-shirt and put it in the washing machine.

But the rule that applies to zippers and hooks on bras doesn’t apply to buttons, especially on more delicate clothing like blouses and shirts. These garments are more sensitive, so the buttoned buttons will increase the load on the thread and thus destroy the material faster.

You select the wrong temperature

Washing machines have different washing programs with good reason. You may think that laundry will wash better at higher temperatures, but high temperatures are not intended for all types of fabrics.

Washing dark and bright colors in colder water will help preserve the colors and prevent fading. In addition, most detergents today contain formulations that can effectively wash laundry even at lower temperatures.

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