Pros and cons of different types of piercings

The concepts of “pros” and “cons” in the context of piercing are somewhat arbitrary. It emphasizes individuality and stands out from the rest, not for acquiring some new properties. People who decide to have punctures usually do not perceive minor inconveniences as disadvantages. In the article, we will tell you what to prepare for.

Pros and cons of nose piercing

Pros and cons of different types of piercings

The main advantage of this type of piercing is the variety of options. You can choose a puncture for any image. The piercing of the wing of the nose looks neat and delicate, the septum – bold and aggressive, the bridge and Austin bar – very impressive and unusual.

When choosing any piercing, it should be borne in mind that it will draw attention to the central part of the face. If you have a complexion about the shape of your nose, you should think twice if you want this particular piercing.

As for the piercing, a well-made nose puncture does not cause any inconvenience. It heals quickly and does not require complex care. The piercing of the wing after healing is not felt at all; with the septum, you have to be a little more careful than usual, blowing your nose and cleaning your nose.

But in terms of the consequences, the septum is out of competition – after removing the jewellery, the scars remain inside the nose, they are not visible. Although nose piercings with punctures on the visible parts of the face also heal without a trace. First, a tiny scar remains at the puncture site, which disappears over time.

Pros and cons of eyebrow piercing

Pros and cons of different types of piercings

The adornment will accentuate the beautiful curl of the eyebrows and, in general, will give a zest to the appearance. Some people use eyebrow piercings as a distraction. It draws attention from minor defects in appearance: too large a nose, asymmetry of the lips, etc. But here, everything is decided by the jewellery design: improperly selected accessories can only aggravate the problem.

Eyebrow piercing is easy to maintain and does not require any special skills in the healing process. At first, it will be uncomfortable to sleep with your face in the pillow, but this is not a good habit even without a puncture.

Pros and cons of tongue and lip piercings

Pros and cons of different types of piercings

One hundred percent way to surprise and even shock others, especially if this is the only type of body mod. The effect of surprise works because the same piercing of the tongue is visible only when its owner opens his mouth. And some owners of such punctures secretly talk about more thrills when kissing themselves and their partner.

For the sake of all this, you can put up with the minor inconveniences that tongue piercing brings. The feeling of a foreign body in the mouth disappears already in the second week of wearing the jewellery. It takes a little more time to learn how to brush around piercings on autopilot when brushing your teeth and tongue.

But the slight lisp that occurs after tongue piercing remains as long as the jewellery is in the mouth. However, many see only the positive side of this and say that piercing makes the voice more pleasant and sexier.

Ear piercing: pros and cons

Pros and cons of different types of piercings

Ear piercing, by default, is considered the most civilized type of piercing (of course, if we talk about one or more small pieces of jewellery in the auricle, not about huge tunnels). It suits everyone and will always be in trend, so many people begin their acquaintance with piercings from ear piercing. If necessary, it can be hidden under a hairdo or headdress. Another undoubted plus of ear piercing is that it is almost painless compared to other types of piercings.

There are no downsides to ear piercings if you do not overdo it with the size and design. If you are already wearing or have worn earrings, it will not be difficult for you to learn how to wash your hair and comb without touching the jewellery. Hats, too, will not cause discomfort if you choose them by size.

Navel piercing: pros and cons

Pros and cons of different types of piercings

A great way to highlight the dignity of the figure, namely a flat stomach and a thin waist. If this area is far from ideal, the piercing would be a far-fetched idea. But with a good figure, a navel piercing adds +10 to showiness and sexuality, especially if you emphasize it with the right clothes – a crop top, a dress with a cutout or transparent inserts on the belly, etc.

On the beach, the decoration will sparkle in the rays of the sun, and its owner – swim in the rays of attention. Against this background, minor inconveniences in the form of long healing and rubbing against clothes fade away.

Nipple piercing: pros and cons

This type of puncture is intimate. It is chosen not only for its showiness but also for its practical, if I may say so, value. For most people, both women and men, the nipples are an erogenous zone. Piercing increases their sensitivity and gives new sensations during intimacy. For lovers of BDSM, a puncture of the nipples does give a lot of room for experimentation. Also, piercing can divert attention from the unaesthetic shape or colour of the nipples.

For people with a low pain threshold, increased sensitivity can turn into a minus. They will have to wear loose clothing and discard bras while they heal. But the horror stories that walk on the Internet about the fact that nipple piercing causes breast cancer are not scientifically substantiated.

There is not a single study proving the relationship of this terrible disease with nipple puncture. The only thing is that a poorly made puncture can cause deformation of the milk ducts, which will lead to breastfeeding problems.

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