4 things to look out for before your first tattoo

Something small and discreet or big? On the “sleeve,” on the chest or the back? With colour or with the classic black ink? As you have imagined your first tattoo, one thing is for sure: you will carry it on your skin for a lifetime.

Yes, there may be a laser removal solution now, but why to get into this process once you can get a tattoo you will not regret. You will look at it in the mirror after decades, and you will still like it.

Tips from the expert to avoid getting a tattoo that you may regret along the way

Dr Matt Lodder, a lecturer in Art and Philosophy at the University of Essex in England and author of Tattoo: An Art History, spoke to American Men’s Health, shedding light on how to make a choice you will not regret.

If in doubt, do not do it

“My view is that when you think over and over again and think about whether or not to get a tattoo, you better not do it. You are not ready. “Even if you hit a design that you like, the chances of regretting the fact that you marked your body are high.”

Collaborate with the tattoo artist

“First, do market research to choose the tattoo artist that inspires confidence in you. Like you would do with a health problem, you would get two to three opinions from different doctors.

Then, after you settle down with the professional you want to work with, make sure you are open to working with him.

Communicate your wishes to him, but also any fears and concerns, so that you end up together both in the design and at the point where you will get your first tattoo “.

Invest in classical values

“In tattoos, everything applies to the way you dress. Fashion trends are good, but classical values are always better. It’s an investment, a key factor in making a choice you will not regret. “

Choose a design that represents you

“The fact that a friend or acquaintance of yours made the design that you like does not mean that if you see it on you, you will like it the same. Tattooing is a personal matter. To make a plan that represents you, to be your signature “.

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