5 mistakes in your work attitude that prevent you from growing

Do you want to take steps in the company where you work and do not want to perform this function forever? Always showing up at work on time and completing your work is not enough to grow.

Also, avoid these listed mistakes in this article, which may well cost you the promotion you’re hoping for. Of course, we also immediately tell you what you can do to take the next step in your career faster.

You show no initiative

It is excellent that you have completed your work on time, but less good than you then sit down and wait until you receive a new assignment. Even asking “what can you do now” doesn’t show initiative. An employer often looks for employees who can add value to the organization and save him or her time, money and/or effort.

It’s best to take the next logical step. Have you not been working there for very long, and are you unsure whether you are taking the right step? Then it is okay to present this step to your manager.

You have stopped learning

If you want to grow in your work, your knowledge will also have to grow. Many companies have budgets to do courses or training, so money should not be an excuse for not training. But you can also expand your knowledge via (free) classes on the internet, videos on YouTube, events and articles about your field.

You are not visible in the company

We probably don’t need to tell you that a network can help you find a new job. But if you work “safely” in paid employment at a company where you want to grow, that doesn’t mean you have to stop networking.

This can also be done within the company. Be present at company activities and drinks, voice your opinion in meetings and find people within the company from whom you think they can learn.

Only if people know your name (and ambitions) will they think of you when a position opens.

You often say “no”

If you always say “no, that’s not my job” when a colleague asks for help, you can forget about growing at work. The same is true if you’re someone who has a habit of constantly pointing out to your colleagues why a plan, idea, or strategy isn’t working.

Often this is a matter of daring to step out of your comfort zone. After all, that’s where the most growth happens – also for a company.

You take no responsibility

Made a mistake? It can happen, so take that responsibility too. Some people have the habit of automatically (sometimes not even consciously) attributing errors to others or making excuses for why it might be due to the circumstances.

That is not an excellent quality that can cost you the opportunity to grow.

From now on, take your responsibility, offer solutions, actually solve it and learn from them so that you do even better next time, instead of tearing your hands off.

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