5 negotiating tips for introverts to get the salary they want

Let’s face it: negotiating is exciting for most people. Not only do introverts struggle with such a salary negotiation, but many extroverts also enter the conversation with sweaty hands. Still, good negotiation in which you get what you want – requires skills that are a bit easier for extroverts.

As an extrovert, you can, of course, use these negotiating tips just as well, but this article is, therefore, for introverts who have left the conversation disappointed several times in the past. Perhaps because they shut down or because they couldn’t get a clue from their manager’s story.

1. Immediately ask to negotiate

Too often, people don’t get what they deserve because they don’t dare to ask or know how to ask for it. You have probably had the desire for a salary increase for some time, so request a meeting today (or after the next tip). Do this face-to-face or by e-mail and immediately state that you would like to talk about your salary. This way, your manager won’t feel surprised if you suddenly start talking about your salary.

This tip also applies during the negotiation. When the moment comes, don’t hesitate and don’t dwell on it for too long. Even with these tips, you are not assured of a yes, but you will never know if you don’t ask.

2. Prepare well for the negotiation

Okay, this is a tip that introverts will probably take off course, but we can’t write an article without mentioning this tip. Good preparation (including knowing your worth ) helps you enter the conversation more confidently and appear more powerful. Hit them with the facts!

3. Don’t be afraid to drop silences

As an introvert, you’re probably terrified to let silence fall. And that while you probably prefer to think carefully about your answer before you give it. That’s precisely why it doesn’t matter at all if there is silence.

Researchers even found it to be the ultimate power move during a negotiation.

Dropping silences doesn’t make you weaker but more powerful. So take the time to answer.

4. Embrace the awkwardness

That brings us to the next point. Negotiating is awkward, right? Whether you have a good relationship with your manager or not. You’re not going to change this, no matter how well you’ve prepared or how confident you try to appear. Instead of fighting that uneasiness and frantically pretending it’s not there, it’s better to embrace it. It’s there, so be it.

5. You can come back to it later

Yes, your supervisor agrees that you deserve a raise! But the amount that they now mention is lower than you had previously thought.

Most people think that they should immediately agree or not, but you probably prefer to think about the offer when you are all alone as an introvert.

Know that it’s okay to come back to it later. You can then say something like, “Thank you for your time and the offer. If I’m honest, it’s lower than I initially hoped. (Give reason here, such as “Because I’ve been given a lot of responsibilities in the past year.”) Would it be all right if I think about it for a while and come back to this by e-mail on Friday morning?

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