5 signs you’ve outgrown your job

When you have outgrown your position, you do work under your ability. You have become overqualified and/or too experienced for the work you perform. Not only does that mean you’re probably earning less than you’re worth, but it’s also likely that you’ll find your job boring or unsatisfying at some point.

Sometimes it is clear that you have outgrown your position, but that is not always the case. Because let’s be honest: a job where you feel completely at ease and know for sure that you are doing your job well, is sometimes very nice.

Signs that you have outgrown your position

These are the first five signs that you have outgrown your position. Of course, you notice this when you are unmotivated and bored to death, but the first signs are much more subtle than that.

You look at the clock too often

If you’re bored at work, it’s a clear sign that you’ve outgrown your job. But usually, you don’t get bored overnight. This process is much slower and more subtle. The first step? If you catch yourself looking at the clock more than you used to.

If you’re not careful, you’ll count down the hours at some point.

Your work never changes

Think back to the past few years in this position. Has your work changed in that time? It is very easy to get sucked into the busy daily grind. But a job is satisfying if you are challenged enough.

When you haven’t learned anything new in months, you can say that there is nothing left to learn and that you have outgrown your position.

You only take sideways steps in your career

When you take a step in your career, it is often a step up. For example, you will be given more responsibilities. When you take a sideways step in your career, you get a new role at the same level as your current role, with a similar salary.

There is nothing wrong with that in itself; the new role may, for example, match your interests much better. But beware if you step side after side and haven’t taken a step up in years.

You know more than your manager

Of course, no one can be an expert in every field, and a team is put together so that team members can exchange knowledge with each other. But if you have to come to the rescue of your supervisor on essential points (such as frequently used programs) every time, that is a clear sign that you are ready for more responsibilities.

Your skills are not being used optimally

It’s a shame if you have skills that are hardly used or not used at all. Not only for the company where you work (after all, you can offer them so much more) but also for yourself. You don’t grow as an employee.

Talk to your manager about possible opportunities within the company or look for a new job where you can fulfil your full potential.

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