5 ways to help your loved one achieve what they want

Remember the magical feeling of falling in love, which seems to inspire? You immediately want to move mountains: lose a few extra pounds, sign up for yoga or a gym, buy nice clothes and become a little better than yesterday. But as soon as a girl in love starts a relationship with the object of adoration, laziness appears out of nowhere! And now the evening run fades into the background, and thoughts appear about a delicious and very high-calorie hamburger that can be eaten while watching your favourite TV series together.

So what’s the deal here? Does love help us achieve certain goals and motivate us to do something or hinder us? Let’s figure it out together.

How does love affect us?

Psychologists assure that the support of a loved one is especially important for girls, and it is of great importance in achieving their goals. However, men also need a warm relationship with their partners.

Australian scientists have shown that in a couple where one of the young people supports a healthy lifestyle, the second partner will soon begin to adopt healthy habits. It is not just words of support that are very important, but an example that shows one person to another. It is much easier and easier for a woman to go to the gym regularly if her husband is sitting with the children at this time.

How to properly support a loved one? There are five tips to get him back on track.

5 ways to cheer up your loved ones and help them achieve their goals

These tips will help your significant other realize their plans:

Remember to say words of encouragement and support

Show your loved one in every possible way that you are on his side and share his dreams. If your partner is afraid of something, support him. Warm, well-spoken words will help a person overcome the fear of real or contrived obstacles.

Try to focus the attention of your loved one on the positive aspects, but at the same time, do not close your eyes to the problems. May he always feel your support!

Make plans together

To help a loved one to realize his plans, help him even in small things. For example, if your significant other wants to lose weight

, focus on specific actions. Describe the action plan and the sequence of its implementation.

For example, twice a visit to the gym, a daily run for fifteen minutes and a joint walk in the evenings for half an hour.

Protect your partner’s strength

Excessive self-control can lead to internal burnout, and physical exhaustionWhat does it mean? For example, you have an emergency at work; you come home late. You are tired and have no time to stand at the stove, so you are ready to eat a sandwich with sausage or a chocolate bar.

In such a situation, a healthy dinner prepared by a man on time will come in handy. This kind of support is very important because it helps stay motivated and not break down when a person is tired.

Avoid over-control

The desire to follow every step of a loved one will not bring you good. Never act in such a way that your partner feels that his freedom is being limited. Otherwise, a man may behave like a small child who is forbidden to eat his favourite candy. And children, as you know, do their best to do exactly what adults do not allow.

Don’t want a loved one to break loose? Then you shouldn’t call him several times a day to ask if he accidentally ate a couple of fried pies instead of a serving of salad. This behaviour will not lead to anything good, and the desire to buy something forbidden for lunch will grow in direct proportion to the number of your calls and unnecessary questions.

Try to give freedom to your loved one

You should not interfere with his daily routine unless there is a clear need for it. In the end, each of us can be in a bad mood, and in such moments, overprotection becomes an aggravating factor or is regarded as a loss of personal freedom.

Try to be very delicate and take care of your loved one not to feel discomfort. Do not count on words of gratitude and try not to bore him.

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