Total war between Kanye West and Drake breaks loose

The feud between Kanye West (41) and Drake (32) has reached a new high (or low?). The two have been messed up for a while, for a number that revealed that Drake has a son. Now Kanye thinks that Drake has threatened him and his family. Kanye of course let that all over to his Kanye’s: with a real rain of tangled tweets.

The ball started to roll when Kim Kardashian’s husband shared a message from someone from his team, who said that Drake had asked permission to use a beat from him. Then he said that he has been contacting Drake for six months to discuss their feud. This was created when Pusha T, a rapper of the Kanye label, revealed in a song that Drake has a ‘secret’ child. Something that Drake has always denied. He soon shot back at Kanye: in a song he raps that he does not want to see Yeezy’s (the shoe collection of Kanye, ed) around him.

“I’ve already told you that I have not told Pusha T about your son,” Kanye twittered, among other things. “I would never hurt you intentionally. I have not even heard those songs, I would never say something like that, that is not my thing.” However, he demanded apologies from Drake, because he had broken negatively about Kanye’s shoe collection and with that, in the words of the rapper, the food from the mouths of his children had been stolen.

Kanye also believes that Drake has made all sorts of threats to his life. “Drake called me threatening me,” West wrote on Twitter. And also: “You threatened the safety of me and my family” and “Never threatened north and saint and Chicago’s daddy bro.”


Kanye also noted in his account on Twitter that he sees Drake as a real torment. He believes that the rapper hurts and plague others, and calls him to “please take the devil 👿 up out you bro”.

Kanye also complained that Drake did have contact with his brother-in-law Travis Scott and mother-in-law Kris Jenner, but did not answer his calls. He called on the rapper to sit around the table together to talk. “I’m up for talking. We need to show all of these fans that black men can@talk without someone ending up dead or in jail,” he wrote. “I’m not going to fight you like it’s a boxing match on MTV. This has all gotten out of hand.”

The other half of Kim Kardashian is clearly fierce. Even though some ask questions about the incoherence of Kanye’s tweets. And Drake does not let it all come to his heart. He responded very laconically to Instagram.

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