7 signs your online date could turn into true love

Every time you light up your phone’s screen, you hope it’s him. That one guy you’ve been dating for a while. Not in real life, but just online. Online dating is very popular nowadays, especially among the younger generation. Some do it for fun, but others use apps like Tinder for the search for true love. Finding your true love through a dating app is not impossible at all.

Do you recognize these 7 signs? There is a good chance that your chat messages can turn into real love.

You chat constantly

It’s not like you text each other once every three days. No, instead, you text every day and have sincere conversations. If someone always responds quickly, it can mean several things.

First of all, you are probably the only one he talks to. Second, he makes an effort to keep talking to you and doesn’t let you down when he’s doing something else.

You send each other photos

And we’re not talking about nude photos. No, you send each other normal photos that you don’t send to anyone else. Normally, the guys you meet on a dating app like Tinder have a fixed folder of photos that they send to all the girls.

But that’s not how it is with you. Besides normal photos, you also often share photos on Snapchat.

You chat about little things

On your way to school, you experienced something very funny. Whoops, you share it with him. Do you often enthusiastically share the smallest things you experience? That’s positive.

The other way around, he does the same. It’s nice to have contact with people who often see the humor in something. In addition, the fact that you immediately think of him also says enough. You are in love and prefer to talk to him 24/7.

You can talk lightly about serious things

In addition to all the nice things, there are also fewer nice things in life. It’s good to be able to talk about these things. Even better is talking about it with a little bit of humor. Can you joke about things that are quite serious?

That means that you are on the same level in terms of humor. And if you have found such a person, do not lose him. Small, humorous comments make serious matters in life a lot more bearable.

You expect the same from the other

You have been talking for a while now, and the subject of ‘relationship’ has been discussed several times. Fortunately, you soon found out that you agreed on almost everything. You both want a happy relationship, but you also want to do many things with friends.

This way, you have many more commonalities, which are extremely important for a possible relationship.

You go offline at the same time

You are constantly talking to each other, and when one of you indicates that you cannot talk for a while, the other goes offline as well.

You can see exactly when he goes offline and is online. If he’s only online when you are and going offline at the same time, then it’s very clear that you’re just talking to each other.

You forget you only know each other through the internet

By now, you already know so much about him that you don’t even realize that you only know him through the internet.

You won’t be reminded of that until people ask you how you met this cute man. Um, online dating. But it feels like you two know each other through and through.

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