7 strange side effects of weight loss

Are you losing weight, and do you see the pounds decreasing weekly? You are doing well. Even if it is not easy to win the fight, every kilo less is another. However, you can experience special effects during weight loss. Don’t let that be a reason to fail your attempt. We list the seven most common effects of weight loss.

Feeling ‘down’

You will not be the first not to feel great while losing weight. The fight against the pounds has quite a few side effects for your body because it is forced to react differently.

So your body will protest simply because it lacks the unhealthy stuff—the solution: a good night’s sleep and plenty of healthy food. If you are well-rested, it is easier to resist most temptations.

Loose skin

Great if you’ve lost twenty pounds. Your belly is considerably less, but the next problem is already present: an excess of skin.

The subcutaneous fat may disappear, but that does not mean that the extra skin that you have ‘grown’ over the years also disappears. Women who have had multiple pregnancies can experience a lot of inconvenience from this.

Relationship problems and weight loss?

As strange as it may sound, if you have successfully lost weight, it can impact your relationship. A healthier diet can lead to irritation in others. If you are dieting, your partner may even complain about a lack of attention. So try to avoid this if you fear it is a possibility.

Stomach ache

Some people who lose weight quickly may develop gallstones. This is because you consume less fat, and your gallbladder contracts less often.

The result is that the bile accumulates in the gallbladder and ‘hangs’ there. This process can cause (serious) stomach and pain complaints. If the pain bothers you, ask your doctor for advice.

Nice appetite

It is the most well-known phenomenon, the tasty appetite or phantom appetite. In many cases, you get an irresistible craving for something tasty, and it probably isn’t kale or spinach.

In itself, it is not a problem to give in to this desire incidentally. Even dieticians indicate that it is not wrong and can motivate to stick to a diet.

Loss of muscle

Don’t be alarmed, you will not lose complete muscle bundles by losing weight, but the amount of muscle mass will decrease. If you are really serious about your weight, you will also get less protein.

The result is that your muscle mass decreases because there are insufficient building materials present. You can compensate for this by exercising a lot, but you run the risk that the weight loss is not optimal.

Huge hunger

Losing weight makes you hungry. Logical. You eat less, so your body screams for food. True, but it’s not that simple. You force your body to accept changes; only there is a problem. It is easy to accept for yourself; your body sees that really differently.

Your metabolism doesn’t adapt that quickly. In addition, the number of calories decreases as a result of your diet; your body will also have to get used to that. The golden tip: persevere; your body will eventually accept it.

Note* Always consult your doctor or other qualified health care professional for any questions you may have about your health or condition. Never disregard a health care professional’s advice or delay getting it because of what you read on this website.
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