8 mistakes to avoid when meeting your in-law for the first time

Are you going to meet your in-laws? This is the first sign that your partner believes the relationship has a future, and it’s something that can end up affecting things more than you think.

There are many romantic comedies about a man’s first meeting with in-laws, and while some are absurd and very exaggerated (to make us laugh), there is some truth to them. The in-laws will always have their son/daughter’s interests in mind, so if you want a relationship without problems or obstacles, you have to win them over, and this is something you start to achieve from that first awkward encounter.

Yes, the situation can be a little awkward, they may ask you questions that will lead you astray and make you sweat, and they may even spend the whole evening giving you threatening glances (just to let you know they won’t let you hurt their ‘little girl’). In no way, but all of that can be turned into a good thing if you avoid making a few beginner mistakes.

We are human, so we all make mistakes, but if you meet your in-laws for the first time, one mistake can detract from their opinion of you. We all know that among the things that can damage or even destroy a relationship, it is the opinion of the parents of the other (because a father-in-law who does not love you can become a powerful obstacle and enemy and can be very toxic ).

What mistakes should you avoid?

Arrive late

It does not matter if it is customary in your country to be late or if all your friends do if you are planning to meet your in-laws. Making them wait indicates that you have no respect for the time, that you are negligent, or that their opinion does not interest you, which is never good.

Put the phone on the table

Are they boring you? Don’t you care about being there? Taking out your phone at dinner is always rude, but it’s especially damaging when you want to make a good impression or win someone over by giving the impression that you have more important things to do.

Breaking family rules

Each family has its own rules and rituals, and even if you don’t like them, you must stick to them, at least when you are in the presence of your in-laws, this indicates that you are willing to make room for your partner’s family and that you will not miss them. Respect them in any way.

Being a know-it-all

You don’t have to correct everyone, especially your in-laws, constantly. Let them tell you stories, recommend series that you have already seen, and discover that you are intelligent and know things, but without letting them feel that you know more than anyone else. Nobody likes it.

Dressing badly or the wrong way for the occasion

This is something you should already know; clothes not only make you confident, but they are your cover letter and can send the message that you are careless or someone who cares about the details and takes care of themselves. Avoid t-shirts with offensive messages, dirty or torn clothes, or an outfit that is not suitable for the occasion (do not wear a suit for a relaxed brunch).

Don’t touch sensitive topics

The best way to get your in-laws to hate you is to raise complicated arguments and argue with them as if they were your enemies. Talk about the weather, your favorite movies, what you love about your partner, the new restaurant you’ve been to, but avoid politics, religion, or family stories that your partner has asked you not to touch.

Do not drink too much

You may think you need it to build up courage, but it will only show you as someone with an alcohol problem, plus it can alter your behavior and lead you to do things you may regret later on.

Do not lie

The truth always comes out, so don’t tell them that you are the prince of your country, that you have a better job than it is or that you’ve done amazing things to impress them. For example, don’t say you are a mountain biking expert, as they may later invite you for a ride with them, and you will look ridiculous when you have to confess that you don’t know how to ride a bike.

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