9 ways money can buy happiness

People who are convinced that money cannot buy happiness are as naive as children. You may not be able to acquire happiness itself as a different emotion, but you can do everything possible to come to a state of happiness with the help of money. We have collected several ways to do this.

Invest in improving and maintaining health

You cannot be truly happy if you are constantly in discomfort. Poor health, body aches, psychological problems, complexes about your appearance – all this prevents you from enjoying life and self-realization to the maximum. And here’s an essential insight for you: if you don’t have enough finances, you won’t be able to provide yourself with the proper medical care.

Even to buy quality medicines, you need to spend a lot of money. When you live from paycheck to paycheck, assuring yourself and everyone around you that money is not the main thing, you have no opportunity to pay attention to your health. Any illness or sudden problem related to your body or mental well-being can be pushed into the background due to a lack of funds.

Spend money on creating comfortable living conditions

To be able to live where you like, sleep on a comfortable bed, cook in a modern kitchen, wash in your bath, and not in a shared shower on the floor, you need money. A person’s level of happiness depends on the conditions in which he lives. When you return home after a hard day’s work, you want to relax and enjoy yourself.

If you are forced to huddle in a small rented apartment, where someone else lives beside you, where you cannot afford to make noise after a specific time, invite friends or a girl to your place, occupy the kitchen when you need it, take a shower before work and so on, – you can only sympathize. The sooner you realize that money is a great tool for creating a comfortable life, the sooner you leave this hell and start looking for a promising job.

Spend money on self-education and self-improvement

Most people think they can do a great job of self-education and self-improvement without the money. But for this, you need to be a well-motivated person with developed self-discipline. And such, alas, are negligible.

If for several years you have not been able to learn a new language, master another specialty, switch to freelance or remote work, and start developing in your favorite hobby, etc. – you will need to take educational courses, work in a language school, classes with a personal teacher, special literature … And all this is a surprise! – requires money.

Spend money on experiences

Experience in most cases costs money. Even if you want to take a walk somewhere in nature, you should get there from the city by private car, taxi or public transport. Going to the cinema, theater, concerts, restaurants and cafes, extreme sports, new hobbies, travel – everything that can give you positive emotions and cool memories, you need to buy.

The maximum that you can afford without having money is evening walks in the park near your home.

Using money to make others happy

This point is not even about charity. There are people in your life whom you want to please and make happy. These are your parents, brothers and sisters, close friends, a loved ones. Even if you are sure that money is not the main thing in life, you still want to give them good gifts, take them to beautiful restaurants, take them on vacation somewhere abroad.

Spend money on social connections that are important to you

If you and your friends or family live in different cities or countries and cannot afford to see each other often, you need to somehow keep in touch with them. Having enough money, you can buy a ticket every few months to any part of the country, and maybe even the world, and fly on weekends or holidays to those who are dear to you.

You can arrange surprises for them, call them more often, make gifts for their birthdays, regardless of whether you are nearby on this important day.

Provide yourself with a source of passive income

It is unlikely that people in the world want to work and earn money until a ripe old age. The feeling of happiness also develops from a sense of confidence in your future and security. Trying to make money now, in the future, you will be able to provide yourself with a source of passive income and no longer worry about your financial condition.

You can invest in securities, buy real estate, foreign currency, or keep a large amount of money in a high-interest deposit for a rainy day.

Invest money in the development of your business

The dream of many people is to turn their hobby into a high-paying job or open their own business to work for themselves. And in fact, and another case, money is needed.

Money is a working tool for achieving almost any goal. And the sooner you admit it, the less time you waste.

Invest in your appearance

Whatever one may say – for each person, it is important how he looks. Everyone wants to see the reflection of a successful, self-confident person, well-trimmed, shaven, stylishly dressed in the mirror.

Money gives you this opportunity: to be yourself and choose what you like, not what is cheaper. You can afford regular visits to the hairdresser with the finances, hiring a personal fitness trainer, gym membership, and buying quality clothing.

It makes you feel happy and helps you start loving and respecting yourself and your reflection in the mirror.

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