A laptop for everyone’s wallet: these are the three recommendations

Now that pupils and students are provided with laptops, it is time to think back to working people, who is currently looking for a new device and does not know how to find the best price-quality buy in the mass supply, we filtered out the following three recommendations per price category ‘budget’, ‘base’ and ‘mainstream’.

Budget laptop: Lenovo Yoga 530 (€549)

The Yoga 530 is a ‘convertible’: you can literally flip the screen, making the laptop, as it were, a kind of thick tablet. this device cannot be called Light with its 1606 grams, although you can find quite a few laptops that are a lot heavier. Lenovo makes the housing of plastic and metal. The part around the keyboard is made of metal, making it all feel sturdy and therefore qualitative. Another plus are the many connections: three USB 3.0 ports, an SD card reader and an HDMI 1.4 connection. The Yoga 530 is a good basic, affordable and with few concessions. For a very reasonable price you get a solid-state drive, a good ips-screen and a smooth processor.

Basic laptop: Acer Aspire 5 (€839)

Hardware is where the Aspire 5 excels: given the combination of the processor and graphics chip in this device, it still has a very competitive price. And also: for a 17.3 laptop, the battery life is not bad at all. Nice are the SSD and wireless network connection, which are not the smoothest, but that is just typical of the devices in this price range. graphical or computing power, there are also more powerful upgrades of this basic model.

Mainstream laptop: HP Pavilion 15 (€999)

Bacon for everyone’s mouth: The Pavilion 15. This is one of the cheapest laptops with a hexacore processor and you also get a reasonably smooth GTX 1050 video chip for games that do not require too much of the hardware. The 128GB drive can be full quickly, but fortunately there is a classic hard disk of a terabyte for storage of large files. Is this a perfect laptop? No, but the disadvantages are not insurmountable either. The strength of the screen is somewhat disappointing and the maximum screen brightness could also be higher. Yet this is a good, complete laptop, which you can enjoy a lot and that will also give it a while for some upgrades.

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