A new variant of Covid-19 discovered in Tunisia

Tunisian health authorities announced on Saturday that they had discovered a new variant of Covid-19 in the country.

Two people have tested positive for a new variant of Covid-19 in Tunis’s governorate, said Director General of Health Faycel Ben Salah at a press conference.

He added that the sequencing and identification operation was continuing in accordance with the recommendations in force.

The same source said that the analyses’ preliminary results had not shown particular dangerousness of the mutated version.

For his part, Hechmi Louzir, director of the Pasteur Institute and member of the scientific committee for the fight against the coronavirus, announced that a case of death by th is new variant had been recorded in Tunis.

A study in progress

He is a septuagenarian, tested negative before finding that he was a carrier of the new variant, the same source noted in statements to the press.

“We cannot scientifically demonstrate that the death is linked to contamination by the new variant of Covid-19,” he noted, stressing that the person was suffering from cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

He said that a team of researchers from the Pasteur Institute had carried out partial genetic analyzes on the coronavirus and detected a new local variant of the virus, taken from the deceased septuagenarian.

The official added that the same variant was found in a 17-year-old young man in Oued Ellil, who had no symptoms.

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